Relaxation Guides For Women


There are times as a woman you feel overwhelmed with so much happening in your life. Stressful jobs, a family to take care of and even sometimes studying. All these can lead to stress and you might even feel like you are going to explode. Don’t you worry, there is a solution to all that. There are several things that you can do in order to calm down and be at peace. It can be anything such as lying down for a rest or taking in deep breaths until you totally cool down. As long as this makes you feel better, it’s worth it. Here are some of the best relaxation techniques to help you better manage stressful times in your day to day life.


Weighted blankets

Using a weighted blanket is one of those relaxation techniques that you should definitely try. Typically, a weighted blanket is heavier that the usual blankets just as the name suggests. The first thing to do is to get the best weighted blanket suitable for you. Additionally, weighted blankets can be used by both children and adults. A weighted blanket works to relieve stress and anxiety by helping you to relax so that you are able to sleep soundly at night. During sleep, the body is pushed downward by the blanket making it easier for you to be calm and sleep better.

Mindful meditation

This is actually one of the most effective relaxation techniques. Furthermore, it’s simple. All you have to do is find somewhere serene, a quiet place with no distractions whatsoever. Ensure you are sited comfortably, your muscles should be relaxed and focus on your breathing. Focus your mind on one thing that’s in the present and avoid thinking about past issues or anything in the future.  Take plenty of time and once you feel better, you can put an end to the meditation session.

Listen to some nice music

Music is food for the soul. Feeling stressed out? Listen to your favorite playlist of slow and soothing music. Research suggests music brings about a peaceful state of the mind. As a matter of fact, if you listen to some soothing music your heart rate slows down and the same goes for your blood pressure. The good thing about music is you can listen to it wherever you are, even when stuck in slow moving and annoying traffic.

Drink some green tea

Green tea is known to help with just about anything including treatment of some diseases. It is also a good stress reliever. It is loaded with antioxidants that help calm you down. Furthermore, green tea contains theanine a substance that promotes relaxing and calming of the mind and body.

Do some Yoga and tai chi

Everyone is doing yoga and tai chi so don’t be left out. Both yoga and tai chi can be so beneficial because they help you unwind both physically and mentally. Actually they can also be a nice way to exercise. Rhythmic movements and breathing involved with doing yoga or tai chi help to focus and calm your mind. Make sure you are at least fit before joining yoga and tai chi classes. Also, consult your doctor in case of any health issues.

Have relaxation room

These are usually provided in spas but since you may not be able to visit the spa every other day, you can have one right there in your home. It should be a place where you go to unwind and relax probably after a long day at work. You can create a place in your bedroom that can is for only relaxation purposes. All you need is a comfortable chair, ensure the lights are dim, maybe some candles and you are good to go.

Take a hot bath

There is that calming effect a hot bath has on anyone who is anxious or stressed out. This is because heat tends to keep the muscles relaxed. Make your hot bath even more relaxing by having some candles in the room, a bath pillow and some sweet smelling soap. Just go for anything that you like. After all, the idea is to get you relaxed and calm.

Include serotonin boosting foods

Have you ever wondered why whenever you feel overwhelmed, the only foods that you think of eating are sweet foods. As a matter of fact, these foods help to boost the levels of serotonin in the body. Serotonin is a chemical in the brain that is responsible for improving mood. When serotonin levels are increased, you feel more at peace and calm. Just remember to not eat too many sweet foods.

Opt for aromatherapy massage

A simple massage is a good relaxation technique but it gets better if the aromatherapy oils are included. Aromatherapy massage works effectively to relieve stress and anxiety in people dealing with stressful situations on daily basis. It is something you can do twice a week or get the oils and tools needed and have it done in your home.

Have a power nap

There is nothing wrong with taking a daytime nap. We push ourselves too much almost to a breaking point. Leave everything you are doing and take a nap even if it’s just for about 20 or 30 minutes. Doing so much without even considering rest is one of the reasons many people are faced with stress and anxieties. Take this as something that helps you rejuvenate and reenergize. Similarly, do not overdo it as it will make you feel lazy for the rest of the day.

Exercise regularly

Well, with exercising you get to benefit a lot more both physically and mentally. Anything as simple as a walk for about 30 minutes will go a long way to relieve the stress that might be affecting you. As a matter of fact, exercising aids the release of mood boosting endorphins. This ultimately brings about a calming effect.

Go for a relaxation technique that works for you. Mental health is quite important and therefore always make sure you deal with stress soon to avoid it affecting you negatively.