Relaxing Retreat – 5 Essentials For Your Man Cave


Most men will want a space of their own in their home, away from their partner and kids. A place where they can relax or revel in their hobbies and interests with friends. This space is colloquially referred to as a man cave. Your man cave could be a spare room in your house, a theatre room or even something you build in your shed or garage. Here are some essential items your man cave needs.

Something to sit on

Whilst the theming can vary from house to house, whether it’s a shrine to your favourite sports team, your personal cinema, bar or a gaming paradise you will want something to sit on. This is the place for you to have the best seat in the house, so why not treat yourself to an electric recliner chair or an electric massage chair. You will need additional seating for your friends, so some other couches for guests are a good idea. If your man cave also has a bar in it, bar stools are also essential.


The centrepiece of most man caves is generally a massive television screen. This is something people will often splash out for something fancy, but sometimes it’s also a good way to recycle an older TV whilst your better ones are shared by the family.

Position the television in the centre of the man cave, with your couches facing it. Avoid placing anything in the way of the screen. Mounting the TV to a wall is generally a good option for maximising space and visibility.

Food & Drink Essentials

You can probably fit a mini-fridge in the room. It could be the perfect place to keep your beers, mixers or snacks handy so you don’t have to keep leaving the room to head to the kitchen. A coffee table in front of your couch is also important for snack storage.

If your couch does not have cup holders built-in, you can either make or buy shelves or trays that can attach or stand over your armrests. These can be a great way to keep your snacks and drinks close.


There are a lot of entertainment options depending on the theming of your room. Common man cave entertainment ideas include pool tables, pinball machines, foosball tables, air hockey, video game consoles, arcade machines, DVD or Blu Ray collections.

You will also want to ensure you have all your subscription streaming services available, such as Spotify, Netflix, Amazon Prime and anything else available locally where you live. You may also want to have any of your sports streaming packages or pay-TV connection here too.

Decorations & Memorabilia

Most man caves will have one or more themes running through them. Whether it’s sporting memorabilia, movie and TV posters and props, vintage merchandise and toys or a video game man cave, you should decorate accordingly. Leave no surface undecorated. Walls are great for hanging framed jerseys, posters or shelving. Around the TV you can also place decorative collectibles to match your theme. You may even find themed cushions for your sporting team or movie franchise of choice.11

You may also be able to find curtains or blinds that fit the colour scheme of your man cave. You can get custom designed beer mats, bar stools, coasters and all kinds of things to help make the theming match.

At the end of the day, your man cave design is your choice, and hopefully, your wife or partner will let you have some flexibility with this one room of the house. If you can try and keep your hobbies confined to this one room, it should keep everyone happy.