Renew your Home with Ceiling Tiles…on an Affordable Budget!


Home improvements do not necessarily have to include investments of thousands of dollars. You can actually make your home brighter, more modern and welcoming by adding ceiling tiles. These decoration items can be purchased online, and you have a myriad of styles and colors that you can choose from. The best thing about this type of improvement? You don’t have to hire any special help, because you can install the ceiling tiles by yourself.

Therefore, with a relatively small investment, you can recreate a type of home improvement that will make your entire home look really chic and expensive. You just need to play around with ideas, and browse through the top quality ceiling tiles available at . Purchase the type/color and texture of tiles that you like the most and get ready to beautify your home!

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Gorgeous ceiling tiles for your home

Ceiling updates can really change the entire facet of our home. Whether you choose to install a full ceiling with tiles, or just install a ceiling medallion where your chandelier is…your room will become much more luminous and beautiful. Basically, you can choose from the following types of ceiling tiles (based on their material):

  • Styrofoam ceiling tiles– these are usually white, but you can paint them easily any color that you wish. The Styrofoam tiles are extremely light and easy to install. All you need is special glue and some patience of course but within a few hours you can install the ceiling tiles in your entire home. The Styrofoam tiles have imprinted on them different patterns, even 3D models that will help recreating the sensation of even more depth. From the simplest and cleanest lines and up to the most complex printed patterns, you will find everything you wish in the line of Styrofoam ceiling tiles.
  • Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles– beautiful pieces of tiles used for redecoration both at home and at your business premises. Many restaurants, bars and lounges use these types of vintage style faux tin ceiling tiles to recreate that special atmosphere. Some of the greatest advantages of faux tin tiles include: they are lightweight, 3D embossing with an authentic tin look, water/stain resistant, extremely easy to clean and install. Practically, these tiles are maintenance free, so once you install them you can forget about them. Many online review sites and DIY guide articles speak about the great advantages of choosing faux tin tiles over other ceiling update methods.
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Faux Tin Tiles come in a wide range of textures and colors that you can choose from. Some of the most popular choices include Antique Copper, Aged Copper, Antique Silver/Gold, Cream Pearl and many more. If you want to recreate a truly striking effect with faux tin tiles, you can paint the walls of your room one or two shades lighter than the color of the tiles that will go on the ceiling. The result will be amazing and it will impress each and every visitor that comes into your home. Also, there are drop-in faux tin tiles available and tiles that you can simply glue-up.

Where to install faux tin tiles:

  • In your living room- any pattern or color goes perfectly as long as you match it with the style of your furniture
  • In the hallways – recreate a beautiful vintage effect with crystal chandeliers
  • In the bedroom- go for the Cream Pearl colored faux tin ceiling tiles

Superior quality Faux Leather tiles

If you are looking for the ultimate chic and luxury for you home/business, you might want to think about updating your ceilings with faux leather tiles. They represent a truly economical solution for everyone looking for classic chic leather finish ceilings right in their living room or bedroom. Talissa Décor offers a very wide palette or amazingly beautiful Faux Leather ceiling tiles in white, black and brown. You just need to select your style and you are ready to create magic in your home!

With faux leather tiles you can:

  • Recreate a sophisticated look at home or at your business premises
  • Add some chic and style to our bedroom by installing a full wall of leather panels on the wall behind your bed
  • Recreate a truly cozy and comfortable look anywhere in your home
  • “dress up” the outer walls of your kitchen counter or kitchen bar counter with faux tin leather panels
  • Black or white faux leather panels also go perfectly on your main living room wall, where you have your TV and Media electronics
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When you are thinking about installing faux leather tiles in your home, just play with contrasts. If the walls of your living room are painted green for example, you should use black tiles on one wall. Then, if your walls are painted dark gray, you may want to try installing pearl white leather panels that will give a satiny finish to your interior.

As you can easily notice, ceiling tiles can truly help you make an important home improvement without having to spend too much money at once. When you are painting your house, you can already think about what pattern/color of ceiling tiles you will use in each room. Simply go online and select the tiles that you like the most. Then, install them and admire the amazing change that you just created!

Out of ideas on how to redecorate your home with ceiling tiles and leather panels? You might want to have a look here and get all the inspiration that you need. Explore all these beautiful ideas, and here you will find truly great options on how to make your kitchen look more upbeat or your bedroom more chic by only using a few tiles and panels. It is time to make your home truly special and beautiful…with the lowest investment possible. No need to spend a fortune, because you can now make a big change with little money!