Renting an Apartment at Bondi Beach


One of the most visited tourist sites in all of Australia is Bondi Beach. It is one of the most famous destinations in the world and is visited by thousands of tourists. Bondi means the noise of water breaking over rocks. The beach is best known for its fine sand, great waves, shining ocean and many more. It’s actually one of the top surfing destinations in the world. Bondi is also good for swimming, sunbathing and strolling. Golfing and whale watching can be enjoyed too. There are also lots of fashion boutique and souvenir shops in the area. There are different events and activities so whether you are alone or with a group, you will surely appreciate the place and have fun. The good thing about it is that you can enjoy the beach at any time of the year. Here are some factors to consider if you want to visit Bondi Beach and live there.


Transportation is no problem. The starting point is in Sydney. It is advisable that you leave your car at home or at your hotel because you will have a hard time finding a parking space once you are already there. You can opt for public transportation which is a bus or a train. If you want to ride a bus, it starts from Circular Quay and it takes 45 minutes to reach the beach. It is commonly called “380 bus”. If your option is to ride a train, you can take the ride from Central Station until you reach Bondi Junction. From there, take the bus to reach the beach. Biking or trekking is also another way to reach Bondi Beach if you are looking for some physical activities. Though this is not a great choice, others enjoy this because they get to see great sighting along the way. There are the different route you can choose from so just pick what suits you best.

Pick an apartment. Sure you can stay at a hotel if you visit this magical place. But to make the most of your visit, stay longer and it would be best if you get an apartment. That way, you can save money and explore the place even more. In getting an apartment, make sure not to go in summer. Bondi Beach is one of the gorgeous beaches so there will be thousands of people, both tourists, and residents who will be flocking into the beach. Everyone just wants to be at the beach during summer, so finding an apartment will be challenging. There will be a high demand for places to stay but a low supply, so it means prices are high. But if you really want to go there during this time, you must be patient enough. You may also want to find a place to stay in nearby places. Because Bondi Beach is the heart of Bondi, everybody just wanted to stay there. Looking for apartments in other suburbs like Bondi or North Bondi, you might find a place that is much cheaper and fewer people applying to be tenants. These are just super close to Bondi Beach, commuting won’t be a problem. It is also ideal to live in since you are slightly removed from the busyness and noise of Bondi Beach. Another option is to find a room in a share house. This is easy because all you have to do is move into an open room that is just waiting to be filled. And you won’t have a hard time keeping your Bondi apartment clean because you are not alone in doing the chore. But the best way to find a place to live in Bondi is to sign a lease. It may be time-consuming and costly, but it’s worth it especially if you plan to stay for a year or longer. And if you can provide proof of employment, signing a lease is the most applicable option for you.


When looking for an apartment, you can check real estate websites. Some websites have an app you can download on your phone for easy browsing. You can go into details as to what specification you are looking for in a house such as the number of bedrooms, the lease, the price, and location. You can also view it on a map so that you can pinpoint the exact location of the house. If you are not satisfied with just viewing it online, you can ask the real estate agent to arrange for an. Once you have decided on which apartment you will get, submit your application right away. There will be a lot of competitors since Bondi is a special place so you want to get ahead as much as possible. You can submit your application online via the real estate websites. You must also attach necessary documents such as passport or driver’s license for identification, your bank account statement and your proof of employment. As much as you would want to get approved for a house that you like, there is no guarantee. Some of the effective ways to increase your chances of getting what you’ve applied for is specific. Identify how long you will be renting the place and when you will move in. The longer lease duration and the earlier start date has more of an advantage. It is also believed that if you are willing to pay more than the asking price, you might secure a particular house. Once you move out from your apartment make sure to get an end of lease cleaning services.

Things to do. Rain or shine, there is always a number of things to do in Bondi Beach. You can try swimming. You must have a deep in the famous ocean. For your safety, follow the instructions that will be given by the lifeguards on duty. Another great pastime on the beach is surfing. There are surfing lessons offered on the beach for those who just want to get started. If you want to relax, you can enjoy the beach by soaking in the sun’s rays. Note that the heat of the sun in Australia is quite harsh. Applying sunscreen is a must so you can enjoy your sunbathing. To see the wonderful sights and check the place, take a walk. There are many stores to choose from so you can go shopping. You’ll be amazed to find a variety of retail stores in the place. There is also a wide selection of dining place you can find.  Whether you like to eat a gourmet meal or you want to take a bite in a classic pub, you can always find something to eat here. There is more to Bondi Beach than those mentioned above. You can always find a thing or two that will surely interest you.