Replacement of Glass shelves into cabinets becomes Easy!


Anyone that’s into décor will tell you that glass shelves and cabinets can really transform your space into an eye-catching marvel. However, similar is the case with any other material, glass can wear out or get damaged thereby necessitating replacement. Most people immediately pick up the phone to call a contractor as soon as they need replacement of glass. The good news is that you can actually do the replacement because the process has become very easy, that you will see in this article. 

Things to consider while replacing glass shelves into cabinet

Cabinets and shelves are seldom created the same. This means that replacing the glass shelves in a cabinet is easy but not a straightforward matter. You have to make a number of important considerations in order to know the best route to take when replacing the glass. Here are the most important factors that will influence the glass replacement project:

  • Types of glass

Before you embark on the project, take time to determine which glass type you are going with. While it is true that tempered glass is a common type of replacement glass for cabinet shelves, there are many other types of glass that would still work fine. Examples include annealed glass (which is weaker than tempered glass but also cheaper) and laminated glass. Ceramic glass is another valid option for shelves because it is specially made for high-pressure applications. The type of glass you settle for will have a direct impact on the cost of the project. Glass also comes in different thickness and the type of glass you go for will also impact how the shelves can be used. The thicker and stronger glass shelves can be used to support heavier objects as opposed to the thinner and weaker glass types. So apart from cost, the function of the shelf should inform your choice of the replacement glass. 

  • Different Materials

Glass is not the only material you need when replacing the glass shelves of your cabinet. You also need lots of other materials and tools. Experienced DIYers will most likely have the basic tools they need in their garage but they will still need to purchase some important materials. Start by assessing your cabinet to see if there are any damaged or missing parts that need replacement as well. If the brackets, shelf supports, or frame of the shelves are damaged or broken, it won’t do any good to replace the glass. Glass cleaning supplies will also come in handy once you have finished installing your replacement glass. Cleaning the glass with a microfiber cloth dabbed in a glass cleaner will give your glass shelves a clean, shiny and professional look. 

  • Maintenance is important

When made from the right replacement glass, glass shelves can be sturdy and last for a very long time. However, the longevity of the glass shelves will depend on how well they are maintained. Maintenance is not just about cleaning the glass and the other parts of the shelf. You also need to check the components to ensure everything is in working condition. This is an important consideration when installing replacement glass because you want to go with a type of glass that will make it easy for you to carry out routine maintenance. 

  • Purpose of the installing shelves

The purpose of the shelf is arguably the most important consideration to make before ordering your replacement the shelves? Do these objects have any sharp edges? Objects that have any moving hazards might cause significant damage to the shelf especially if the type of glass used is not up to the challenge. If you will be placing very heavy stuff on the shelves, go for tempered glass. However, it is advisable to avoid placing too much weight on the glass shelves.

Is repairing the glass worth it instead of replacing it with a cabinet?

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Most people assume that replacing a damaged glass is a temporary solution as they wait to buy a new cabinet. But this is actually not always the case. There are many instances when replacing the glass can actually be a permanent solution. So, how do you know whether you should replace the glass or if you should just buy a new cabinet? Here are some helpful pointers.

  • Cost factors – Needless to say, it is cheaper to replace the damaged glass shelf than to buy a new cabinet. If you are on a tight budget, you can just order one piece of replacement glass to swap with the damaged one. However, this will only make sense if the cabinet is still in good working condition. Your budget will also determine the type of glass your order because the different types of glass have different price tags.
  • The condition of the cabinet – If your cabinet is dilapidated and rundown, it might make more economic sense to just purchase a new one altogether. Once the frame gets weak, installing a brand-new replacement glass will not make it any better. Granted, the new glass will look awesome but the frame will still yield over time which could end up breaking the new glass. Instead of going around in circles, just replace the rundown cabinet with a new one.
  • Change in design – If you are thinking of a change of design, then buying a new cabinet might be a good idea. For instance, you might have decided to do an overhaul of your interior décor. In such a case, you can shop for a new cabinet that fits in with the new theme. You could also be looking to use a different shape of glass for the cabinets just for the aesthetics. This might also necessitate the purchase of a new cabinet. 

These are just some of the conditions under which it will make more sense to buy a new cabinet as opposed to replacing one glass shelf. However, for the most part, replacing the damaged or broken glass should suffice. This is one of those situations that has no one-size-fits-all solution. Just analyze your case and decide whether to buy a replacement glass will serve most or to replace the entire cabinet. 

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