Retro Styles You Can Incorporate Into Everyday Fashion


Let’s face it – we’ve all asked ourselves time to time how to style those cool 90s retro style clothing today in our everyday fashion. After all, it’s a proven fact by experts that all fashion will repeat its cycle and will once again come back in the spotlight. This is why we’ve been seeing people style 90s retro fashion lately. 

Overalls, band t-shirts, chokers – retro is all around! But, even with the retro fashion around, it’s always confusing as to how one styles them? But hey, we’ve got you covered. We will here take inspiration from the fashionistas who styled retro like a boss and will learn to incorporate the same into our everyday lives. 

Learn not to overdo it! 

If you plan to style retro one day, do not just do it all 90s, but choose one retro piece to incorporate into your look. We do understand how 90s fashion is a gem, but styling it all at once will not give you a look you’d expect. If you ever happen to go through fashionistas rocking the 90s, you’ll see how they pick one retro trend only. Some ladies go for an overall, some for a slip dress, and some for a crop top. But they never obviously do it all together and still stand out of the crowd. 

Balance retro with modern! 

Following what we just mentioned above, try and style retro with a pinch of modern. Maybe go for one retro clothing piece with modern accessories or vice versa. Styling a vintage retro piece with a modern piece gives an overall well-balanced look. And once you put together a great outfit with different pieces, you’d be no less than a fashionista already. One example- style velvet, flannels, or mom jeans with a contemporary piece for an ultimate cool look. 

Start with the basics 

It’s not always easy to look at a fashionista and copy that exact same look. It, in fact, is intimidating to copy styles from the 90s or so and put them in our outfits today. So, what you can do here is start small. Start with accessories. See what accessories did people back in that time used to style their retro look. 

You won’t believe how easy it can be to pull off a retro look by just using some accessories. Once you’ve figured out your way with accessories, you can go ahead and start experimenting with the clothing as well. 

Wear that confidence like a piece of clothing

Pulling off a retro look is possible only if you’re confident enough to do that. If you don’t wear that outfit with confidence, none of it will work out well. You’d be seen adjusting the clothing or accessories most of the time, and even with a cool look, you might not look so cool. Remember that the 90s was less about fashion but more about girls being confident of pulling off that fashion. So, every time you think about rocking wide-leg jeans, know that you’ve got to pull it off with utter confidence. 

To avoid conflicts with your own self, always know what looks better on you, and don’t just style an outfit that’s way beyond your personality. Do not blindly follow a fashionista and know what suits you. Also, find pieces that are relevant to your lifestyle. 

Don’t go beyond the trend 

Even though this is entirely your option, we’d always say- don’t go beyond what’s trending. There were many clothing trends in the 90s that looked good, but you’ve got to choose which one is still in trend. Because let’s accept it, every decade has its share of bad fashion trends, and the 90s had it too. 

Think about buffalo boots, super low-cut jeans, and many more fashion disasters before you start picking out just any of the 90s trends. Grunge and velvet still make it to the trending list, so go for those. Just don’t go out of the trend list, and even if you do- wear that confidence like a queen! 

Turn it down with hair and makeup

One very important point to remember while styling retro is not to dress your hair and makeup way too much. In the 90s, intense hair and makeup were a thing because they tried mixing the 50s hair with 90s clothing, but for you to style as per current trends, intense hair and makeup will be a bad idea. Instead, wear very minimal makeup with an effortless hairstyle and see yourself pulling off an elegant and pretty hairstyle. 

The key is to remember that you’re styling retro today in your modern lifestyle and not putting retro back in your wardrobe entirely. In fact, styling retro with minimal makeup makes a bold statement, and who does not like that? 

Take up the formal fashion

The retro style clothing back in the 50s, 60s, 70s, or 80s was very cohesive, and we’ve corrected that in modern times. Now, people wear casuals with formals like it’s extremely normal. And guess what? It actually is normal! 

Now, women don’t just dress according to the occasion, but they dress according to what suits them better. They dress freely with no constraints whatsoever. So, mix up those casuals with formals and never regret it. 

The Bottom Line 

Retro-style clothing is not a difficult task to achieve today. You have to figure out what suits you. Everything that worked back in time won’t work today as well. And everything that looks good on the influencers online won’t look good on you too. So, pick out the retro trends that suit your own personality and then rock them confidently. Remember not to go back in time styling retro because the goal here is to style them with what we wear today because it wasn’t all cool back in time, and it definitely won’t look cool today.