Revamp Your Backyard With A New Style


With the summer season in full effect, it’s important to spend time outdoors in the lovely weather. What better area is there to spend that time than in your own backyard. Our backyards are often the most underused spaces in our homes. Instead, treat it as an extension of your home and rejuvenate the space with a redesign of your landscape.

When redesigning your outdoor space, you should design it to fit your family’s needs and wants. Be sure to account for design appropriate outdoor seating and use your space wisely. Check with specialists to ensure you choose foliage that will survive in your specific climate.

Keep it low maintenance with a Japanese style garden.

The Japanese are the masters of simplicity and clean lines when it comes to garden design. Japanese gardens combine many natural elements including foliage, stone, and water. Many of these gardens have a very prominent water feature which may include a fountain or koi fish pond. Stones may be used to fill areas complete with large stone pavers to create a path. Japanese gardens aren’t known to be overly colorful spaces, but instead feature small pops of color throughout the scape.

Stick to trees like willow, Himalayan white pine, or cedar. Flowers aren’t commonly used but can include Japanese water iris, water lilies, and lotus. Shrubbery should be neatly pruned to maintain the minimalist appearance. Moss is also commonly used as ground covering.


Cottage style gardens create a small paradise.

Cottage gardens are the exact opposite approach of Japanese gardens, often having an over abundance of flowers. Typically, they have a French countryside feel to them. These are the gardens often found at tea houses or mentioned in poetry that create an idealized image of Eden. Many cottage gardens feature stone benches for reading or white wire garden seating. The abundance of flowers attract a wide array of fauna including butterflies, hummingbirds, and bunnies.

Flowers should be plentiful. Hydrangeas, coneflowers, sage, garden phlox, delphinium,  peonies, irises, daffodils, hyacinths, and lilies can all be used in abundance.

Fill your space with your own food supply.

Rather than covering your yard in a sheath of sod, fill your space with a food garden. People spend a fortune on fresh food when it could easily be grown in our own backyards. Many food suppliers use pesticides and unhealthy practices, but if you grow your own food you know exactly wear it comes from. Some foods even create beautiful flowers, which can also be consumed.

Choose nut trees or fruit trees like fig or peach trees. If you want more options, check out the Willis Orchard’s selection of apple trees. You can also grow ground foods like potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, and melons. Chose a special area for herbs, possibly even in potters, since many can flavor the plants that surround them.

Stick to contemporary for an entertaining space.

If your main goal for your outdoor space is entertaining crowds, a contemporary style might be best. Many contemporary gardens feature large seating areas possibly even featuring a daybed for a comfortable relaxing area. Your space may include a fireplace, outdoor kitchen, or even an outdoor television. Most contemporary gardens use stucco facades for clean lines and can feature a bold color selection.

Often foliage is kept to a minimum and may borrow from Japanese stylings. A simple tree and shrubs may be accompanied by the use of stone and wood in the design.

Gardening can be relaxing and is often used to relieve stress. Our backyards can become an oasis to escape from the worries of every day living and a comfort in times of hardship. It’s important to find something aesthetically pleasing that you and your loved ones will enjoy for years to come.