A Reverie of Rustic Roses and Blooms



Be it a wedding, baby shower, or some other celebration, a rustic garden bouquet is the perfect way to set the tone and ambiance of any event. Family, friends, and guests of honor will adore the lovely petals and blooms that spring out of this floral centerpiece, which is mesmerizing while fitting in nicely with the overall design of your space. Versatile enough to be featured in bridal photos and receptions, or just a fun at-home birthday party, this bouquet will be a pleasant addition to your event.

Beautiful Blossoms

When you and your guests walk into the room or the event venue, you will be greeted with the rustic garden’s array of beautiful blossoms. These include pale pink roses, intricate peonies, stunning hydrangeas, and elegant hyacinth. The flowers all sit together nicely in a bed of variegated ivy to add contrasting greenery to the floral arrangement. The juxtaposition of the bulbous hyacinth and springy hydrangeas looks delightful with the dainty peonies and classic pink roses. This bouquet is absolutely ideal for anyone looking to infuse their venue with feminine charm and refined elegance.

An Eye-Catching Centerpiece

Your rustic garden arrangement will arrive in a lovely mason jar complete with a lace ribbon tied around the neck. The variegated ivy spreads itself out in a splendor of green leaves that look dashing against the backdrop of the crisp white lace ribbon, which is embroidered with pretty petal patterns. The bouquet makes for an eye-catching centerpiece at a wedding reception, restaurant gathering, or even just on a serving table. It could also be used to line aisles, seating, or altars. There are many possibilities in which you could incorporate the pastel palette into your event.

Short and Sweet

Finally, you will love this floral arrangement even more for its convenient size and height. Standing between eleven and twelve inches tall, it has a width of eight inches, which makes it the perfect size for tables or corner accents. Whether you choose to have the blossoms greet guests on the way in, or keep them company while they dine, the soothing colors and aroma of these flowers are sure to please. Ready to cut, ship, and display for you, there is no need to worry about presentation or transport because the florist can have it delivered to you in no time. Experience the rustic beauty of this garden-ready bouquet for your next special occasion.