The right cement tile to compliment your home décor


While hardwood and laminate have their place in flooring excellence, there’s nothing like a cement tile to match elegance and grace anywhere in your home. Whether it’s your kitchen, your dining room or a bathroom – picking the right tile can complement any home décor and enhance the “livability factor” of your home.

Handmade Tiles to Grace ‘em All!

While each room in your home has its importance, there are some areas within the house that hold special significance to homeowners. Sure, a child’s room might mean a lot to parents, and therefore there’s extra care taken to decorate the walls and in selecting appropriate flooring. You might go for wall-to-wall carpeting, or warm-colored rugs on hardwood. But when it comes to high-traffic areas, there’s nothing better than Handmade Encaustic Cement Tiles as flooring choices. 

In the Kitchen

It’s often said that the kitchen is the heart of every home. That’s where “sustenance” is prepared. Whether it’s an intimate meal for two, or a decadent dinner for twelve – it all starts in the kitchen. And as the action begins, there’s bound to be drops and spills that could make for a pretty messy cleanup! But if you’ve had the foresight to choose the right flooring tiles for your kitchen – you’ll never have to stress the mess!

  • Carpeting can be a nightmare to clean, and can leave long-lasting stains when “accidents” happen during meal prep
  • If you’ve got hardwood – you’ll probably have the same clean-up challenges. And with repeated spills – especially hot liquids and strong-flavored sauces, you’ll probably never be able to restore your hardwood to its original state – no matter how hard you try!
  • And even if you use other composite flooring, heavy traffic and pots and pans dropping will certainly take its toll!    

So, what’s the most viable option for kitchen tile flooring?

The most effective way to enhance the ambiance of your kitchen is to go for a handmade encaustic tile floor solution in your kitchen. And here’s why?

  • Pressure-hardened, these tiles have been cured and designed to last for a long time to come
  • Unlike carpets or limonite, on which spills and drops can leave lasting impressions, cement tiles are virtually un-blemish able!  
  • In the event that a spill does occur, you’ll never have to work as hard to deal with it – unlike the effort required to deal with the spills and stains on carpets!
  • Made out of cured cement, handmade tiles are ideal for the stress and heavy traffic of the kitchen. You won’t see them fade, and nor will they wilt or bend – like hardwood sometimes can

And if you are looking for elegance and beauty – well, handmade tiles have you covered there too!

Whether you have few guests over, or whether you have all your extended family and friends attending – your floor will mesmerize and wow your company – guaranteed! It matters not what color scheme you have for the rest of your kitchen, your cement tile floor will easily blend in to compliment your existing décor. It’s the ideal no fuss-no-mess solution for your kitchens!

In the Bathroom

When it comes to “spill prone” areas, an encaustic tile floor is an ideal solution for a bathroom or even your laundry room. These highly durable tiles are pressure-treated to provide maximum protection against water, soap foams and other liquids or moisture that is usually found in places like bathrooms.

There are instances where other non-cement-based flooring solutions tend to crack after a certain time. This means that, if there is liquid spillage or water overflowing on the floor, the cracks may make it easier for the leaks to trickle down into lower levels. And that can result in huge incidental damages that are often costly to clean up!

When it comes to durability, there’s no matching a tile made from hardened cement! Not only will it last for many years to come, it will also lend itself extremely easy to clean. Because of the manufacturing process, these encaustic tile floors are ideal for applications like bathroom floors. But there’s more!

Because of the multitude of designs, from bohemian and mid-century, to contemporary modern – regardless of the design and style of your home, there’ll be a handmade cement tiling solution just for you. And it doesn’t stop with your floors either!

These highly adaptable tiles make a great ascent to your bathroom walls as well. Use them as backsplashes on your kitchen or bathroom walls – and you will have a room that’s the envy of your friends and family!

Enhancing Your Home Decor

Versatile in their application, these handmade flooring solutions are as diverse in their use as they are varied in their style and appearance. Nothing is more durable and long-lasting as a tile floor – especially when it is designed to compliment your existing home décor. Your bathrooms, kitchens and other heavily trafficked areas will spring to life with the right flooring – guaranteed!

While adding new drapes and curtains can add to the appearance of your home, or while upgrading your window blinds might shed new light into your living space, the challenge has always been about sprucing up your floors and walls. And now, with the handmade cement tile, that challenge has been addressed!