Righteous Renovations: A Simple Selection That Can Transform Your Home


It is not always easy to inject personality and style into interior spaces, particularly if you are working on a tight budget. While there are countless decorating shows on TV and a thousand and one blogs dedicated to home improvements, what if you need to keep the changes small and straightforward? Can you transform a property with only a little money and time?

Fortunately, with a generous helping of creativity and the right materials, anything is possible. You do not have to commit to lengthy DIY jobs or rip out your entire kitchen suite to embrace a new mood. The upgrades can be simple, subtle changes which are easy to complete in the space of a single afternoon.

Keep reading for some ideas and inspiration on the best quick and easy home improvements.

Staying Safe in summer

In many regions of Australia, it is near impossible to keep doors and windows closed during the height of summer. Even with a robust air conditioning system, it can still get uncomfortably hot and humid. Yet, keeping entryways open can makes you vulnerable to intruders, which explains the soaring popularity of security doors in Sydney.

These intelligent devices fit inside standard frames and can be closed and latched like regular doors. However, these doors have a mesh or wire structure, which means that air and light can circulate. They are also ideal for maintaining airflow, without letting bugs and flying insects into the kitchen. With a security door, you never have to worry about keeping your house open in the summer.

Keeping Practical Layouts

One of the things which makes full-scale renovations so expensive is relocating the existing floorplan. Fortunately, this is not necessary. Even if you are planning to upgrade the entire kitchen or bathroom suite, you can do so without shifting the location of critical assets. For instance, putting new appliances in the same spots means no costly pipework renovations.

The only time that it may be important to switch the layout around is when you want to add something completely different. So, for a kitchen, this might be a breakfast bar or an island. In a bathroom, you might be looking to install a walk-in shower or sunken tub. If you absolutely must relocate the pipework, use the opportunity to carry out maintenance and basic repairs.

Opting for a Standard Fit

It is always cheaper to invest in off-the-shelf products, particularly when it concerns prefabricated suites. While bespoke allows for more creativity, this option takes longer, plus the installation process is often a lot more complicated.

For an efficient, affordable kitchen or bathroom upgrade, consider flat-packed products, then apply your custom features later. The same applies to elements like doors, windows, and storage solutions. Also, cabinets, wardrobes, and other containers are cheap if you opt for standard sizes.

Switch to Green Lighting

Replacing your light fixtures and bulbs with energy efficient products is an excellent way to save money. It is also an investment in the future of your home because sustainable lighting is something that we will all need to get on board with sooner or later.

You may even want to consider alternative lighting solutions like solar tubes. These ingenious devices harness the power of the sun and direct it into areas which don’t have windows. So, if your basement is dark and lifeless, hooking a solar tube up to the roof is one way to flood the space with nurturing Vitamin D.  

How to Make Home Renovations Simple and Affordable

With careful planning, any home improvement can be stress-free and affordable. Whether you are replacing your kitchen or just putting up new blinds, it is all about being prepared. Buying materials in advance and establishing a thorough renovation schedule are two ways to ensure that the project stays on track and within budget. Alternatively, you can just focus on making little changes throughout the year.