Road tripping South Africa for a cultural trip to remember


South Africa is the best place in Africa to explore the most precious typical and traditional part of the country while having a unique and complete travel experience.

If you want to create the perfect road trip in South Africa this is the right article for you! Get ready to learn something more about the highlights of this country and the best tips for a successful road trip.

Why a road trip to South Africa is your best shot

Road tripping is the easiest, more practical and more convenient way to explore several places in less time. Plus, with a road trip, you can live it in an independent and stress-free way while keeping things interesting to your own taste, wishes, and pace.

Hiring a car is the first step

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Great itineraries to reconnect with nature

Timeless natural itineraries between the wide expanses of the African savannah, admiring animals in freedom and visiting populations with picturesque culture. An incredible journey through natural reserves of great naturalistic value such as the Kruger National Park, a place where large African animals like buffaloes, leopards, lions, black and white rhinos, elephants, giraffes and many species of birds live.

Exploring the Cities to get to know locals and their culture

Prepare your trip organized in South Africa today and include a visit to Johannesburg and the three capitals of the country: Pretoria, the international capital, Bloemfontein and the beautiful city of Cape Town, overlooking the sea and known for tourist attractions such as the characteristic Victoria & Alfred Waterfront and the departure point of the Garden Route, a scenic road that goes to the beaches of the city of Port Elizabeth.

Some more breathtaking highlights

Perhaps the fascinating city in South Africa, particularly for its shape, Cape Town was built around Table Mountain, a flat mountain that provides a breathtaking natural backdrop for the metropolis. Continuing south of the city, there is a peninsula that ends with the Cape Good Hope, inside the homonymous natural reserve that hosts particular animals such as warthogs, antelopes, gnus, baboons, and ostriches.

South Africa is this and so much more! We highly recommend you to use the highlights as a starting point for something even more exciting and away from the most common touristic paths. Use your fantasy, creativity, and passion for authenticity and create that one incredible road trip you’ve always wished for. Your best trip ever is just around the corner!