Rolling Tray Trends You Must Check Out in 2022


Cannabis is becoming mainstream, as most countries across the globe are starting to make moves towards decriminalization or legalization.

According to Forbes, the legal cannabis market in the USA will reach around $1.2 billion.

With users of cannabis now able to become more open about their usage, creativity in the community has seen a boom with how people choose to consume their favorite herb. One of these significant developments that have arisen is the rolling tray trend.

Here are the list of designs that you will find in rolling trays and the reasons that make them the best rolling trays available online.

1. The Frisbee Rolling Tray

The rolling tray is perfect for group gatherings, an area to build your spliff and let everyone enjoy themselves with friends. The design is very cool, with a central circular space for tobacco and other ingredients and an elevated section in the middle of the tray to rest your paper on.

It is a unique style made for sharing with friends and family but made it easy to roll your own using the two-disc technique.

2. The One-Hitter Rolling Tray

A one-hitter is an excellent smoking tool that has been used for centuries by smokers looking to conserve their weed. With this particular style of the rolling tray, you can take advantage of the design and use it as storage for your one-hitter pipe.

This type makes it easy to have everything in one place so that when you’re ready to smoke, you have to add a flower and light up. 

3. The Straight Tray

Yet another innovative style with great design is the straight tray. These are the best rolling trays because they come with their built-in grinder which makes it easy to continue rolling on it even after you have ground your flower.

It makes for a very smooth process so that you can have the perfectly rolled joint every time, no matter how complicated it might seem to get started. 

4. The Jazzy Tray

Another innovative and modern take on rolling trays has been the jazzy tray. It is an excellent design for those looking to be different and do things their way while making it easy.

The rolling tray comes with a built-in ashtray that can be moved around or taken out altogether if needed. It also comes with a built-in combination grinder and storage container.

5. The Round Tray

One of the oldest styles is also one of the most effective, the round tray. The rolling tray has been used for centuries in homes worldwide to create joints.

The design allows you to roll your paper on top while ensuring plenty of space underneath for everything else needed.

6. The Square Tray

One of the more popular styles is also one that has been around for quite some time, and that’s the square tray. The rolling tray keeps your flower contained while you work, making it easy to create nice tight joints each time.

With this style of rolling tray, the trick is to make sure your flower doesn’t fall over by making sure it’s tight and pressing down hard on your paper while you work.

7. The Travel Rolling Tray

One popular style of the rolling tray that has gained a lot of attention recently is the travel tray. This one’s for you for people who like to keep it old school.

The stylish rolling tray comes with a built-in grinder that makes it easy to grind your flower all at once and then pack it into the tip of your paper. It ensures a smooth process each time you roll. However, the best part about this style is how portable it is, so you can take it anywhere you go.

8. The Retro Rolling Tray

Another great style of a rolling tray that has become popular recently is the retro style. This one looks like it might be your grandparent’s old rolling tray but is anything but that with its sleek design and smooth edges.

It is effortless to make a joint using this particular style; be sure to grind up your flower well for a nice fine mixture and pack it tight, and you’ll have a perfect joint each time.

9. The Carrying Case Rolling Tray

One of the most popular styles is also one of the easiest, the carrying case rolling tray. The design allows for plenty of space to roll your joint and offers a sleek design so you can take it anywhere and feel comfortable.

You can fit in larger quantities of flower than average, making it perfect for when you’re on the go or if you want to make more joints. The style is excellent for traveling with friends because everyone gets their place to put everything.