Room-by-Room Checklist for Buying Window Treatments


Being prepared to purchase new window treatments means taking the time to make sure that such new shades and blinds will the correct fit for your house and your particular needs. They not only need to be attractive and make your home seem more beautiful, you also want to have extra lighting and privacy amplifications brought in, as well as accessible operational standards and customizability. Keep in mind that these features will vary with each room, so you need to carefully think about what each one actually needs prior to purchasing new shades and blinds.

While one set of window coverings may be suitable for a certain spot in your house, you may find that they are not translatable to, say, your living room or office study. You need to put some time aside in order to inspect each room – taking into consideration what its main uses are – as well as how it is positioned in relation to the sun, how trees are oriented around its windows, how close it is to the sidewalk etc. These are issues which you need to think carefully about before purchasing new window treatments.

The Kitchen

Your kitchen may very easily be the center of your home, with contemporary houses now being constructed with the kitchen as the focal point of floor plans. Years ago, kitchens would be solely reserved for the cooking and preparation of food. Today, however, they are places that are constructed with entertainment and eating in mind. Due to the rise in open floor plan trends, kitchens have now been meshed with dining rooms and living rooms, their barriers becoming minimized. It can indeed be difficult – finding a suitable window treatment for this space – so let us look at some helpful tips.

Allow the Light Through Using Sheer Shades

The kitchen is the singular room which needs as much sunlight permeating as possible. You cannot just hike up your window treatments or remove them completely, as this can leave you incurring too much radical glare and harmful UV rays. You should rather consider setting up sheer shades, rather than removing shades and blinds. Such window treatments will suck up the harmful components of sunrays, while still permitting attractive filtered light through into your kitchen. When it is night time, you can simply improve your privacy by easily shutting the canes which hover in between the cushioned layers of fabric.

Blinds and Shades that can be Maintained and Cleaned Simply

A kitchen can often become quite dirty following the preparation and cooking of food. A lot of this mess often lands up on window treatments. Things such as humidity, steam, and smoke – as well as the occasional splash and spillage of food – will detract from much of the former beauty of your blinds and shades. Such an instance is only applicable if your window treatments happen to be close to your sink. If they happen to be in close proximity, then consider going for aluminium or faux wood blinds.  

Dining Room

Whether this room is formal or casual, the window treatments for this room will be different. Dining rooms need their own kind of decor. Try going for Roman shades, shutters, or wood blinds.

Living Room

This is the central room for a family, which means it need special attention. You need to get blackout or darkening shades if you love to read or watch television. Privacy blinds are excellent for maintaining decency if your living room is in close proximity with a sidewalk or street.


While you may spend a lot of time in the living room, your bedroom is where you spend around a third of your life, in bed. You need to have the right window treatments to ensure that you sleep well. Blackout shades are excellent in this instance for ensuring privacy. Top down or bottom shades will let sunlight in while ensuring privacy. Thick shades and blinds will also ensure that noise is blocked out.