The Runway Revamp – A Glamorous Guide to Preparing Your Wardrobe For 2018


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Can you believe that it’s almost 2018? The year is whizzing by and the new summer season is just around the corner. What does that mean… why, preparing your wardrobe of course! You’ll be leaving the fash pack for dead with these new season sneak peeks. Here are your front-row seat to the catwalk’s most wearable trends in womens clothing.


It’s time to bring inner cowgirl. Fringes aren’t just for your hair; it’s time take them next level. Handbags, boots, dresses and coats… you name it, it will swing like a 70’s housewife. From Alexander Wang to Dior, the fringe is being reimagined, filtering into the mainstream in a big way. Also, you’ll see the fringe’s flagrant friends, the tassel and pom pom gaining strong ground. Yeeehaw!


Pot Pourri lovers rejoice, get up in ‘yo grandma’s style with lavender. Yes, come the new year this pretty pastel hue will be the next big pallette-pleaser. Let’s face it, it’s a welcome shift from millennial pink. Next season we guarantee you’ll be wearing lavender-coloured-glasses when it comes to everything from suits and summer dresses, to oversized sweaters.


Not many can one-up Robert Pattinson in the brooding stakes (like what we did there?), but you might just find yourself sparkling in the daylight, with sequins taking over the day shift. Yes, you heard right! You can shimmy on down to the supermarket in everyday silhouettes that are more subtle shine than full on spotlight shenanigans. It’s boogie days, baby.


Jumpsuits are handy when you need to do some mechanical work on your car, but no so practical when you need to use the bathroom – unless you like the feeling of being totally naky naky naky in a public cubicle. However, to be on-trend in 2018, you’ll need to jump to it in utilitarian styles that are boxy, baggy and look exactly like a flight-suit. To be fair, Gucci and Mui Mui do manage to make the jumpsuit super fly. Also, Rhianna would most certainly approve.

Short suit sets

When you can’t decide if it’s a party or a boardroom meeting, that’s the time you reach for your short suit set. Some of these styles throw a fair bit of street cred into the mix. We’ve seen the short suit make its mark on the catwalk, sported in both men’s and women’s fashion week. A unisex suit that’s perfect for when the office aircon is on the blink… who can say no to that?


Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking. Well, they are actually more for all-year-round in 2018. This season sees them more frivolous, floaty and downright flirty than ever before. Deep Vs and massive leg slits say ‘hello sunshine fancy a romp in the daisies’ like nothing else. In the new season, fare florals get a hedonistic twist via the likes of Valentino making us blush with styles that spell anything but wall-flower.

Candy stripes

Oversized button downs, cutout dresses and even evening dresses are getting a visit from the candy man in 2018. It’s a bit of surprise, but candy-stripes can actually be less ‘hospital gown’ and far more sexy siren. Son Jung Wan does it so well, especially when it comes to body-suits and cropped blazers. After all, who doesn’t love candy?

Your summer wardrobe sorted

And, that completes your runway revamp for 2018. We hope you enjoyed the show. Exit on your left and ensure you don’t get left behind in the crowd when it comes to new season fashion. We do recommend burning some eye sockets with envy on your way out. Run, don’t walk…to your favourite boutique or shopping outlet.