Safety Tips For The Road: How To Avoid Bad Truck Accidents


Trucks are large, heavy, and cumbersome. When these beasts of the road collide with passenger cars or other automobiles, it’s usually those smaller vehicles that suffer the worst injuries. That’s why it’s so important for individuals in passenger cars to be conscious of truck safety tips on the road and avoid bad accidents altogether.  Here are some vital tips on how to avoid bad truck accidents.

Avoid Blind Spots

The biggest safety tip for avoiding bad truck accidents is to never cut in front of a large vehicle, particularly one with a long trailer. Especially if it’s on the highway where visibility is impaired. What many people don’t realize is that trucks have big blind spots, which are areas around the back and sides of the truck that do not offer any visual coverage by side-view mirrors or other windows on the vehicle. It is critical for motorists driving alongside trucks on freeways to make sure they stay out of these blind spots because passing too close may result in an accident.

Trucks also have large blind spots directly behind them as well due to their trailers. It’s important for individuals driving immediately behind tractor-trailers to stay well back for the same reason.

Do Not Tailgate A Big Truck

Trucks need more room for stopping than cars. So, when you see a large truck in your rearview mirror, it’s important to be cautious about speeding up and tailgating. There is always the temptation to speed up if you’re being tailgated by another vehicle. But, that can result in an accident, especially if the driver of the truck tries to stop quickly or turn unexpectedly. Always be patient with truckers on freeways or major highways, and allow enough space between your car and theirs, so they have room to maneuver safely if necessary. Do not cut off trucks on rural roads either, because this might force them to make sudden turns which could cause them to lose control of their vehicles or jackknife.

Stay Out Of Truck “No Zones”

It’s also important for individuals driving to keep their doors locked while near big rigs on the road because some truckers have been known to lash out at car drivers by swinging their fists or other objects through windows just because they think those motorists are too close to them. Riding alongside trucks without trying to interfere with their space is not only a matter of courtesy but can be an effective way of avoiding accidents as well.

If You’re A Passenger, Keep Your Seatbelt On

Passengers in the front seat of cars that ride alongside trucks should also make sure they are buckled up at all times. This is another important safety tip related to truck accidents because many people who were not wearing their seatbelts when involved in collisions with big rigs suffered severe or even fatal injuries due to the impact.  If you happen to get involved in an accident, there are professional truck accident lawyers available to help you collect evidence, hire an investigator, and can also tell you if you have a winnable case. If an injury you got from the accident prevents you from returning to work, then worker’s compensation could help cover your medical expenses and lost income. A truck accident lawyer can help you in this regard by keeping your work status updated with the workers’ comp board so that you get all your benefits.

When You’re Behind A Truck Driving At Night

Truck drivers are required to turn on their headlights whenever they are driving at night or in poor visibility conditions, regardless of what time of day it is. Even if the sun hasn’t gone down for the day, but there’s bad weather or visibility where you are, then truckers must still turn on their headlights. It is important for individuals who are behind trucks on freeways during these types of situations to make sure they don’t speed up because they may not be able to see through the rain or fog as well as the driver in front of them. Always drive with caution when it’s raining. It is also critical for motorists driving alongside trucks on freeways to be especially careful when changing lanes, merging, or making turns. In addition, they should never stand up in their vehicles, or extend their arms outside of windows while trying to guide those rigs from afar. Truckers have very limited visibility and those actions could cause an accident.

Don’t Put Yourself In Harm’s Way On Foot Or Bicycle

Individuals walking or bicycling along roads that truckers use frequently should also refrain from running across highways without using overpasses and underpasses to get around them because there are usually no guardrails preventing people from falling off bridges and embankments. So, if you don’t want to endanger your life or get involved in a truck accident, make sure you use designated crossings before sauntering across highways where trucks are taking up most of the road. Also, if you see a truck parked on the side of the road, do not pull into its lane to get around it. Many smaller cars have been mangled when motorists tried this maneuver. Trucks are large and can take up several lanes widths. If you need to get around it, there is probably enough room behind it to drive past without interfering with its travel path at all. It’s best if you don’t cut them off!

Give Trucks Enough Space to Stop or Maneuver

Truck drivers need a lot of room to change lanes and make turns, especially when navigating large trailers on the Interstate. In fact, it can take them as much as a full mile (or more) to come to a complete stop – which is why they’re often going too fast in the first place! When you see a truck driver attempting this maneuver ahead of you, slow down and let him get off at his exit before resuming your own speed. 

These rules can help motorists avoid many serious car accidents involving tractor-trailers every year. However, it sometimes takes a dangerous situation before people realize how important following safety tips are. So, it’s important to take heed right now and try your best to stick to them at all times whenever you’re behind trucks or riding alongside them in other vehicles.

With these safety tips for avoiding bad truck accidents, you can help keep yourself safe on the road. However, it sometimes takes a dangerous situation before people realize how important following rules of the road can be. So keep a lookout for other drivers on highways if you feel someone has been driving erratically near you, and take the necessary precautions to avoid being involved in a truck accident.