SalonLife Salon Management Software


SalonLife is one of the most user-friendly and affordable salon management software ever built. It is indeed the best service booking software for small and medium beauty businesses.

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This makes accounting and billing more straightforward, but also makes it easy for you to make appointments for your customers.

This software allows owners to manage one or more of their stations as rents easily. With all the features it actively offers, homeowners and tenants are free to run their business.

Landlords and tenants can set permissions according to their preferences, as long as they have the option to let the receptionist manage their programs. The reception can schedule appointments and register clients for everyone, while financial information and tenant customers remain confidential.

For the first time, a hair salon client can easily book reception services for multiple service providers and even purchase products in stock. Tenants can disconnect from the room at any time and operate independently or log in to another account in the future. It’s easy!

Features of SalonLife Software

Book Appointments

This spa software offers a wide range of features for making appointments for your customers: Easily send emails to remind customers of their meeting at the click of a mouse.

Creating multiple appointments and bookings is easy with just a few mouse clicks. Visualize quickly and clearly the availability of all cameras and all service providers.

Point of Sale (POS)

A point-of-sale system is a powerful tool in which you can literally sell anything. Its inventory is unlimited. If you sell 100 products and services, or 10,000, this point-of-sale system can handle all that.

Each time a product is sold, the remaining stock is automatically updated, and a message will be displayed on the screen when the order level is reached or exhausted.

See What Happens At A Glance

This software incorporates an intuitive user interface that allows you to visualize the current activity in your salon visually.

By looking at the activity screen, you can easily see which rooms, classes, and stylists are active and which room should be cleaned or maintained.

The activity screen can also be customized to fit the physical design of your room: you can literally create hundreds of camera types, and each can be configured to specify the services that can be used in that room.

Employee Profile

It also allows you to add new employee profiles with different security levels and assign a unique password to each employee.

You can also check the activities that the employee can engage in the room, thus helping to prevent theft and fraud.

As an additional security feature, all security points can be configured to use the employee’s fingerprint, which preserves the protected records.

Customer Profile

SalonLife allows you to view detailed customer information such as email addresses, phone numbers, last-minute visit dates, and more.

You can also send e-mails directly to a client on your profile and receive an automated e-mail sent to customers after your first visit, your purchases, or at the end of the selected services.

As an additional security feature, all customer records can be protected with the customer fingerprint, ensuring the security of your records.

Work on iPad and IOS

Do you operate an iPad or Apple IOS in your workspace and do you agree that the software selection does not work on your devices?

Do not worry as this software effectively works on all devices and platforms, including iPad, Mac, Windows, and Android. You do not even need to download it, which makes it even easier to use.

Automation Facilitates

It has many built-in features to help you run your business efficiently, save time, and more. This software is designed to help preserve, reward and promote customer loyalty.

These features include e-mails and SMS for customer appreciation, appointment reminders, EFT processing, account blocking and reactivation, automatic subscription discounts, product combinations, notifications replenishment, launch form memos, reminders. View your customer data, birthday messages, etc.

Keep the money coming even when your customers are not. Create new services, such as EFT, and allow EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer or Regular Billing) to choose your customers and deposit money directly into your bank account.

It is easy to configure and process. The color codes on the TEF processing screen allow you to identify which types of TEFs have been processed, rejected, or unsuccessful. You can create more business days to meet the needs of customers.


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Simplified Inventory

This software lets you track and maintain an accurate inventory number. Do not guess what to ask and when. It is possible to easily adjust the meter and product costs as a dynamic change.

Reports And Business Intelligence

It contains more than 250 reports, many of which can be exported to Excel, Word, and more.

With reports such as cost analysis, detailed daily sales, inventory, EFT activities, employee fees, solar tracking statistics, you can get information about your business, be on top of the game, and take immediate business decisions. Reports can easily be exported to different types of formats.

The Security That Protects Your Business And Your Data

It has one of the most advanced security and industry access features. Security features allow you to customize and configure multiple levels of security access for employees, administrators, and owners.

These advanced features actively prevent theft and fraud as it maintains secure access transactions for easy viewing and monitoring. It also records critical changes to customer information, such as customer names, remaining device packages, and EFT account information.

The SalonLife software is expertly and designed explicitly so that Spa & Beauty Care companies can manage all their needs in the most efficient, effective and accurate way possible.

This software is committed to providing the best software solution, updated from time to time according to the ever-increasing needs of the market. At present, it includes features such as scheduling client appointments, customer registrations, cosmetics, etc., making it the preferred spa software.

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