Scientific questions unanswered yet


The science is in a constant development. The things that seemd unreal and rather too difficult to be explained only twenty years ago, nowadays are part of our reality and something we can not imagine our everyday life. However, there are still some intrigant questions that call the attention not only of the people all around the globe but of the scientists willing to come to the conclussion as well. Let’s check the most interesting ones yet to be answered:

How did the life on Earth began

There are plenty of theories trying to solve this interesting question. However, not even the people who share the same concept about life always agree about everything. For example the people who agree about the “primordial soup” believe that Earth had formed its own complex molecules who have led to the beginning of the life on this planet. On the other hand, the people who believe in the same theory do not share the same opinion abou how and when did the life on our planet began. To sum up, there are plenty of different beliefs and theories but none of them seems to be more true than the other, which only makes this question more complex and juicy.


How do the computer understand the people’s command

Our language is a complex stucture that depends on a lots of factors. When the unreal intelligence is in question, the interpretation of the things is of a crucial importance. Let’s consider the phrase “Eat a bowl of soup”. The people’s mind would understand it as a suggestion while, in that case, the bowl is the ammount of soup. The computer, on the other hand, will understand the litteral meaning of the phrase to details. Therefore, the computer is nothing but a machine that still did not get to the point of understanding the commands just like the normal people’s brain would do it.


Just because there are plenty of theories that refute one another, is it possible that we actually do not know anything

Every scientific knowledge is in a phase of preparation. That means that for everything we claim to be true, there is always a possibility to be beaten by another research and claiming. We take a huge step towards the the understanding of the essence of the things.


Isn’t it obvious

There are some things that seeem obvious to you at first sight, even though you know nothing about them. This phenomena is like a retrospective prejudice. At a situation when someone explains something to you you accept this as a truth just because it seems logical and obvious to you. Therefore we have the sense that some things simply can not be different.


Are there human pheromones

Can a person sense other person’s illness, anxiety, scare or whatever else in absence? The primar answer would be no. On the other hand, there are some people that can perfectly sense the presence, even the smell of their parents and relatives. There are proofs that some chemical signals can provoke a reaction at the people but, even if this kind of connection is true, there is still no real and fair proof and explanation why that happens.