Nowadays vaping is extremely popular among a large range of smokers. The trend is also slowly growing among cigarette smokers. Vaping captures markets, it is popular worldwide and all types of cultures adore haze of vapor. Devices are developing and many companies introduce novelties every season.

As for now, it is generally assumed that there is already the third generation of vaping devices, that are aimed at the satisfaction of customers’ needs and functionality – you, as a user, can regulate voltage or other parameters that influence the amount and quality of the vapor. Such devices are presented as those to please you and make your life more convenient.


However, it has some notable drawbacks, like a high risk of smoking, which is a significant problem for young people. When vaping, the user exhales vapor directly into their lungs. The effect is similar to smoking, but since the nicotine is released directly into the lungs, we don a bigger risk. Even the most common 510 thread vape pen puts you under the risk.

Second-hand smoking, though also has the same risks. You do not inhale chemicals with vape battery pen, you receive all of them by inhaling air. The positive statistics are that the vast majority of second-hand vapers will never get addicted to vaping and the majority of people with nicotine addiction do not even try vaping. They are glad to receive their dosage of nicotine just standing by people, who vape.


Now that we all know, what vapes are and what they do, it is time to talk about the pros and cons of second hand vaping – the topic is not as widely discussed. However, anyone, who sees such headlines or hears this question starts scratching head over it. The question is whether it is in the same room with an e-cig bogarted safe, and if yes – to what extent.

Second hand vaping is dangerous because it can trigger asthma, a lung disease in which the airways take in large quantities of vapor with all the harmful elements included – do not forget – that is not the water that you inhale. The health department says that the state’s latest guidelines have been published to educate the public and health care providers about the risks of this activity. Although vaping is not considered an unhealthy habit yet, it is evident that using even usual vapingdaily 510 vape pen can lead to other health difficulties, it works the same way as smoking does and it refers to the second-hand effect as well. People still need regular check-ups that can show their progress toward a healthy lifestyle. Vaping cessation is expensive and is not something anyone can take for granted. However, no doubts, it is an investment in not someone’s, but your own health, first of all.

There are good reasons why state law prohibits smoking and vaping or consuming other tobacco-related products anywhere in public places at public universities, colleges, and government agencies. This means that vapor that you inhale after somebody releases it is, probably, more harmful than that that you get by direct vaping.


Extra particles. The first thing to worry about is that second hand vaping might expose you to nicotine, aluminum, and other particles that vapor contains. Vapour is definitely not pure; it contains plenty of pollutants, small particles of metals, and, in many cases, cancerogens. The harm here is not only for humans but for the environment as well. All those particles stick to the things that surround you and they do harm the environment. That works similarly to iron-clads as the result of second-hand smoking. However, the number of elements is different.

Lungs and heart to be protected. The Bavarian Health and Food Safety Authority has published a survey by Wolfgang Schober and his colleagues on the health effects of second hand vaping, where they prove that vapor makes clots in the blood because of containing nicotine; and those nicotine-free vapors also contain chemicals, which tighten vessels and, as a result, make it more difficult for blood to move around and deliver oxygen. The metals are also bad for the blood and you cannot avoid them as they might be in liquids and small particles deposit when heated by any, including 510 thread battery.


People of any age can face second hand vaping. The most group that is the less protected includes infants and children.

Infants cannot edit the circle of people they communicate with. Many parents with young children vape and, therefore, all the chemical stuff gets into not fully developed lungs, blood and other organs. You do not need to use your 510 thread vape pen in front of your baby, but the elements will still be in your breath and on your clothes, skin, hands, hair, etc.

Children are also under the risk because they might be exposed not only to vapor produced by their parents but to vapor produced by their friends. More and more schoolers nowadays use vape. This is a pitiful fact, but completely true.

Pets, surprisingly, fall into this category as well. Researches have proved that inhaling vapor, especially of nicotine-containing liquids causes nasal cancer in dogs, and might trigger other diseases in any kind of animal.


Firstly, you have to understand that the best option is not to expose yourself to the vaping environment. However, it might be difficult to do so in the modern world. Try to contact with people who do that minimally. Avoid places, where such things are allowed. Try to keep physical distance with people, who vape.

Be sure that people around you respect your personal borders and would not vape in your house, near you at the office, or in your private car. In addition, do not forget about regular check-ups and consultations with your doctor.

The major problem with second hand vaping is that you are a participant of interaction and that is not your decision to start doing it. However, it is important to keep in mind that you are the one, who decides whether to stay next to a vaping person.