Secret Fashion Tricks That No One Will Share With You


Do you want to always look put together? These fashion tricks will help you. Once you get through all of them, you will know the secrets that even pros wouldn’t share. These ones are easy to implement in everyday life, so you don’t have to worry at all. You really don’t have to spend lots of money or own a large number of clothes to be fashionable. Read on and find out more!

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Tasteful jewelry choice

Jewelry can add a final touch to any outfit. But, only if you do it correctly. Improper use of jewelry can result in an untasteful and cluttered look. That’s why you need to follow one simple rule. Wear earrings and a bracelet, or a ring and a necklace. The rule is especially important if you have a set of 4 pieces. This way you will achieve balance.


Planned purchases

Spotted a perfect piece of clothing at the store? If you can’t think of 4 outfits with it straight away, don’t even bother buying. Otherwise, you will spend your money and that piece will stay in the wardrobe.

Real worth

Is it worth investing in a certain item? There is one simple math trick that will help you make a decision. Take its price and divide it by the times you will wear it. It is worth investing in staple items that you will wear often, for example, a good pair of jeans or a coat. On the other hand, skip pricey items that you won’t wear often.


Trends and basics

Trends will come and go, but basics are here to stay. If you want to follow the trends but don’t waste your money, try the 70-30 rule. This means that 70% of your wardrobe should be classic basics, and only 30% should be trendy items. This way, your wardrobe won’t look outdated when the season passes. You will save money and wear the latest trends at the same time.


Accentuate your best features

Everyone has imperfections. Even the most confident person out there. Keep in mind that it is all about accentuating your best features and drawing the attention away from your flaws. If you want to draw away the attention from your hips, wear bold accessories such as earrings or necklaces. If you want to keep the attention away from the upper part, simply wear bold trousers or a skirt.