Secret Tips Everyone Who Shops Need To Know

Photo of two girls in the clothing store holding a blue dress and looking at it with smiles on the background of different clothes

Furniture Shopping

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If you are building a new house, you probably want a new furniture too. Furniture knows to be really expensive and it is not like a chocolate to buy it every day. That’s why we should choose the most appropriate furniture for us, so that we won’t change our mind later. With Scandinavian Designs you can save up to 80% if shopping on Labor Day.

Before you go furniture shopping, I have some interesting tips that will be of a big help for all of you.

  • You should know that there are three categories of wood furniture: composite wood or particle board, veneers and solid wood. Solid wood can be susceptible to water rings and scratches. It is more expensive than the other wood types, but it looks stunning. Veneers are cheaper than the solid wood, because they have an inexpensive wood base which is covered by several thin layers. Composite wood or particle board is the cheapest type of wood and are made from a combination of resin, plastics, wood pulp or in other words, the scraps of the furniture. They can look lovely and decent, but they won’t hold up for decades.
  • Once you go shopping and you choose a furniture, you should definitely open the cabinets and drawers, before you buy a single piece. Make sure that doors open and shut, drawers pull all the way out and shut. You should not forget to check the knobs and handles too.
  • When you are buying a furniture, look for wood that is not nailed in or glued, but wood joined at corners and ends.
  • The fabrics and colors you choose should depend on your lifestyle. If you have a pet or kids, you should definitely stick to dark colors and fabrics that are stain-resistant, like tweed or linen. If you are a person that get boring from things really quickly, then you should go for neutral colors for bigger and expensive pieces and decorate your home with bold colors.

Clothes Shopping

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We all need to develop a healthier relationship to clothes shopping and not to get addicted to it. If you don’t want your shopping to become compulsive, read these simple reminders of how to become a shopping champion and shop smart.

  • When you go shopping, shop only what you have a necessity of. Make a list of what you really need and a good strategy of where you should go. You should not just get in the car and go all around the town to find a skirt.
  •  Setting a budget is always a good idea. This will protect you from overspending money on things that you don’t need. Whatever your budget is, you should stick to the list and stop shopping once you hit that limit.
  • I recommend you to pay with cash when you go shopping, because you have real money in your pocket and you can stick to it. Some statistics say that we pay 20% to 50% more when shopping with credit or debit card.
  • If you want to shop smart, you should set a timeframe and once you have bought everything you need and that time is over, you should go home and use your free time for something else that is not shopping.
  • Pick the best time for clothes shopping that works well for you, or even just browse through some online deals. Don’t go to the malls when are most busy, like on Saturday mornings or late at night, because this can be very irritable and fractious for you. Pick a time to shop when you are in a good mood and positive.

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Grocery Shopping

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Groceries are one of the family’s biggest expenses, along with the gas, car and rent. We spend a lot of money on groceries to make sure that we are never short on food. Countries that are not part of the EU, don’t have the same amount of imports as grocery stores in those countries that are already part of it and the food quality is poor. If you live in Norway, you should definitely visit Rema 1000 which always have fresh and food with great quality.

The truth is that groceries are much cheaper than eating out. Read these tips, which I hope will be of use for you and your big family.

  • Always go to the market with a list of everything you need and stick to that list.
  • When you are hungry, I recommend you not to go to the market, because you will want to buy everything and you will spend a fortune.
  • Set a budget and stick to it.
  • You should always have a list on your fridge and when you run out of eggs for ex., you can write it down immediately. Don’t leave it to your memory!
  • Impulse buys will ease your pocket and that’s why you should always avoid them.

I hope that these tips above were useful for you and you learnt something new.