Securing Your Home As You Travel


Vacations are exciting. Every family enjoys a few days away from the routine, exploring new places and just unwinding for a little while. The stress relief alone is worth the effort, never mind the great memories you make with your family.

The only thing that can undermine your vacation enjoyment is your worry about what is going on in your absence. You might be concerned about whether the neighbor kid is watering your plants, or if your dog is okay at the kennel. There could be things at work that could go wrong in your absence.

But what most people worry about more than anything as they travel is their home. They worry that a pipe will break and flood the place, or that something will overheat and start a fire. They are concerned about burglars, vandals, and trespassers. In short, they worry about everything, and it’s natural. After all, when the trip is over, you want to come home to the same things that you left.

The great news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. As you make all your other preparations for traveling, you can take a few very simple steps to make sure your home is buttoned down for your time away.

Get A Security System

Obviously, this isn’t something you do the day before you leave, but it should certainly be done. There are countless reasons to install a home security system. Companies like Nortek Security & Control can provide you with countless benefits, from digital doorbells to top of the line home automation and security systems. But what they’re providing more than anything else is peace of mind.

The great thing about Nortek systems is that they do more than simply raising a ruckus when someone tries to break in. They also can provide video surveillance, climate control, and even home function controls, which brings us to our next point.

Make The House Look Occupied

Many of us grew up with parents who dutifully hooked up a timer to a living room lamp before leaving on a trip, letting it run for a few hours each night to suggest that someone was home. Of course, any well-prepared burglar would notice the pattern and realize after a few nights that it was on a timer.

It can go much further than that now. You can turn lights off and on remotely, creating a random pattern that is far more believable than the old 8pm to midnight lamp your parents had. You can turn on the TV, outdoor lights, anything you want. While you’re at it, have your mail held, too; an overflowing box is a little too obvious.

Would-be thieves may not be completely convinced, but they’ll be uncertain enough to move on to a less intimidating target.

Encourage Visitors

The only thing missing in home automation is people, so if you really want to tip the scales in your favor, invite people to visit while you’re gone.

Got a pool? Let trustworthy teenage relatives or friends come and hang out. Give them a key and leave them a fridge full of food. Their only duty can be to monitor the pool’s chemical needs.

Even if you don’t have a pool, people can come around. Maybe you have jogger friends or neighbors who walk dogs. Ask them to stop in for a rest as they make their rounds. Provide access to water, sports drinks, or pet treats in return for an occasional sojourn on your front porch. The more people drop by your house, the less comfortable a thief will be.

There is plenty to worry about when you travel–money, traffic, hurricanes, and whether or not your hotel is as nice as the ads claim. There’s not much you can do about most of them, but you can certainly reduce your worries about the things you can control, and a comprehensive home security plan can do that.