Seek Out Your Next Travel Adventure in New England in the Fall


Are you looking for some affordable and exciting Fall travel adventures in New England that you can take with your loved ones? You can travel by bike, car, train, bus or seaplane to take in the sights and experience the true beauty of the region during the autumn. If so, read on to get some ideas and start planning.

Biking Through the Mountains

Instead of deciphering whether Puerto Vallarta is Safe, you can have a grand time taking your bicycle on the trails of the Green Mountains of Vermont, as well as the Adirondacks. Though the terrain may be a bit more challenging than what you are used to, but it certainly is worth your while. You can ride through the valleys and view the expansive fields of the farms, as well as take a break and go out on a kayak on Lake Champlain. It truly is a remarkable experience to be out on the calm lake with a friend or your partner. 

Farm Fun

One of the favorite pastimes of families in New England is to go apple and pumpkin picking. There are numerous orchards and smaller farms that you can visit in New York, Massachusetts, Vermont and elsewhere. You can get pumpkins of all sizes, apples of many different varieties, specialty baked goods and country crafts and other wares from these locations. Many of them hold events and even have petting zoos open during the month of September. Enjoy the sights and the amazing fresh produce and foods that often are made right on the premises.

Beautiful Nantucket

You can save money traveling to this wonderful destination in the Fall, since the rates are much lower than throughout the warmer months. Take the ferry over and enjoy staying at a waterfront hotel, where you can sample the seafood and other delicious fare. The Nantucket Cranberry Festival is a perfect event to attend with the family. Who wouldn’t want to sample their fresh juice and jellies?

Living History

Central Massachusetts features an array of beautiful scenery and venues that you will want to visit while on a New England autumn road trip. In Old Sturbridge Village, you will find the largest outdoor history museum located in the Northeast. There are staff members who dress in the authentic clothing of the 1830s, so you can easily show your children a bit of history for an educational component to your vacation. Just some of the seasonal events that occur there are the Harvest Days and Apple Days. Travel through the gorgeous maple trees to view some of the original 18th and 19th century homes, some of which still have families living in them.

Maine Portside Activities

Visit Maine to go out on the river and lake. You can take a kayak out early in the Fall, or enjoy a ride on a seaplane if you’d prefer to get an aerial view. Travel along Route 302 through Windham if you’d like to visit the Old Port of Portland. This historical waterfront district is a beautiful location to stroll around for an afternoon. You even can jump on the trolley to take in the city. Stop off and check out the Portland Museum of Art with its numerous galleries, as well as the amazing food and shopping options. Click here

Take a weekend out of your busy schedule, or even just a day, and you will get to relax and have some excitement with the various attractions and activities that are all a part of the season in New England.