How to select your own bedding for comfortable sleep


While we spend almost a third of our lives in bed, we are 40% to have sleep disorders. Sleeping, however is an activity that plays directly on our physical and intellectual performance daily. Bad sleep is not inevitable, however, and the solution will certainly pass by the acquisition of new bedding. A recent study has shown that 7 out of 9 people sleep better on a set that suits their needs. Each night, it is 3/4 more hours of sleep, or nearly a whole night per week! So, rather than looking for a cure in sleeping pills, why not opt ​​for new bedding?

The mattress also has a soul

The soul of a mattress is the central element that directly influences the support, and therefore the comfort, of your bedding. As such, it is important to carefully consider this aspect before making a choice. Manufacturers now offer three types of mattresses.

The foam mattress: polyurethane, high resilience, or memory shape, it offers balanced support and resilience (elasticity) adapted. However, you will still have to choose a mattress with a density greater than 35 kg / m3 , which means longer life. In any case, one of the strengths of the foam mattress is to be lighter than latex or spring models. This can be handy when it comes to handling it.

The latex mattress: natural or synthetic, it offers exceptional elasticity, guaranteeing its resistance over time. This type of mattress is also distinguished by its high hypoallergenic qualities, which make it a suitable product if you suffer from respiratory problems. Perforated or honeycombed, the latex mattress thus has a very good ventilation. Essential for good moisture evacuation, when we know that we produce about ½ liter each night!

The spring mattress: naturally ventilated, it is recommended for people who sweat a lot at night. The higher the number of springs, the more support will be important and the more the body movements will be amortized. In this regard, the pocket spring mattress works well by offering a multicriteria solution: it is super comfortable and offers a suitable and independent support to the different areas of your body.

Other elements to consider when choosing a mattress:

– The upholstery: it is the surface of the mattress in contact with your body. It can offer a mellow, firm or soft welcome, the nobility of materials (wool, cashmere, cotton) and the thickness of the home being decisive.

– The thickness: we recommend a minimum of 15 cm, the ideal being between 15 and 20 cm, to handle it and install a fitted sheet easily. VisionBedding has pretty much comfortable one’s for you to select considering this.

The shock of your bed

With slats or springs, the box spring absorbs 1/3 of the pressure on the mattress. If you have decided to buy a new mattress, we cannot advise you to choose a new mattress too. Indeed, a new mattress on an old box spring is a mattress that wears much faster!

The slatted frame provides the guarantee of a firm and balanced support for your mattress, whatever it is. If you are looking for a relaxation package, it is also in this category that you will find your happiness. The slatted frame is undoubtedly the best in terms of comfort. Manual or electric, this type of bed base allows you to easily move from a sitting position, to watch TV, read or have breakfast, lying down with your legs elevated if you wish. This position is particularly appreciated by people with blood circulation problems or varicose veins. As for the “head up” position, it is suitable for people who have respiratory problems (asthma, allergies, colds).

Less firm than the slatted frame, the box spring provides a feeling of exceptional comfort that will take its full measure with a spring mattress (with which it is particularly recommended). For those who like to slip into a rugged and mellow environment!

A suitable night setting

Often neglected during the acquisition of a mattress + bed frame, the structure (or frame) bed is nevertheless a significant contribution to appreciate as it should its new bedding. In wood, metal or composite materials, it will bring a last cozy touch to your ensemble by enhancing your room with an aesthetically adapted element, whether modern, contemporary, classic or exotic. In addition, some bed frames have storage space (niches and / or drawers) that are convenient for slipping duvets, pillows and other bedding accessories.

If you have just purchased a new mattress, you will want to protect it to extend its life. The mattress found in VisionBedding will fulfill this function. Laying on the mattress, under the fitted sheet, it is an extra layer of protection. Sweating, leakage, condensation, humidity, it handles everything and is easy to maintain.  If your mattress is at the end of its life, it will be able to find a second youth thanks to the mattress . Thinner than an ordinary mattress, it is found in latex, foam or synthetic fibers. Placed on the mattress, it improves the reception by making it more mellow.