How to Select the Perfect Shower Cubicle for Your Bathroom


Being able to take a long, relaxing shower is not only about hygiene – the modern bathroom is no longer about simply performing the necessary tasks of everyday life to ensure we live healthily and clean. The modern bathroom is a sanctuary for the soul; it’s a private place where we indulge in relaxation and where we take the time to decompress and compose ourselves. And taking that perfect shower is a very important part of that ritual. With all the different kinds of showers on the market, it’s not always easy to see which one on offer would fit your lifestyle the best. So for those who have trouble deciding, here’s how to select the perfect shower cubicle for your bathroom.


Your limitations

Two important factors will limit you when it comes to your choice. The first is, of course, your budget. This is a personal situation and requires no advice. The other is the size of your bathroom. It’s always best to make a floor-plan on paper to figure out exactly what the maximum dimensions of the shower cubicle are allowed to be. Bear in mind also the existing plumbing and electrical facilities when planning the location of the shower cubicle.


Some common varietie

Although there are many different kinds of shower enclosures and shower cubicles on the market, here are some of the most common ones:

  • Shower cubicle with doors. This is the classic shower cubicle that can be found in most homes; they’re handy and practical as they can fit into any awkward or odd-looking space. They’re great for smaller bathrooms.
  • The quadrant. This option is a stylish version that brings a little more elegance to the bathroom. It’s also great for smaller bathrooms and lends the bathroom more of a contemporary look.
  • The walk-in shower. The walk-in shower is not for everyone – it requires a little more space. However, this extra space allows the user more mobility and movement and allows for more air flow. It’s a luxurious and elegant alternative to cubicles.

There are, of course, many more choices out there. There are bath shower screens, and these are perfect for those who don’t have enough space to install a separate shower cubicle. Or you can opt for the wet room shower screen, a simple-to-install glass wall ideal to create a small wet room. And then there are cubicles with etched glass, and so on. Whichever options you find attractive, start by checking both your budget and your existing bathroom to eliminate that which is not possible, to ensure no major mistakes occur. Then let your personal character shine through. Remember, it’s very important that you feel completely comfortable in your shower; it’s not just about hygiene after all. It’s about your quality of life.


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