Sell car with blown Engine


What is a blown engine car?

When an engine of a car suffers from some catastrophic internal mechanical damage, it is considered as a blown engine car. It tends to be a valve breaking or punching at the top of a piston and making a hole. Any problem that relates to the engine will be considered as a blown engine. The engine problems get worse if you’ll not address them appropriately. The minor problems can become the major trouble that leads to a blown engine. It is essential to treat the engine problems instantly. Unfortunately, if you’re car poorly blown engine, then it is better to sell it rather than spending too much money on it repairing. You can easily sell car with blown engine with the help of junk car removals. 

Car with the blown engine is also considered as junk cars. It seems hard to sell the car with a blown engine at a good price. Junk car removals provide their services in every type of junks vehicles. We also buy scrap cars, wrecked cars, and old cars, and pay cash instantly.

Some of the reasons for a blown engine 

Several reasons become the reason for the blown engine such as:

  • The engine releases the white smoke
  • Sometimes the oil chamber becomes antifreeze and changes into water.
  • When the engine turns, it releases the grinding and metallic noises.
  • The engine doesn’t turn on.
  • The low compression in the cylinders. 

These are the few causes that create the problem in the engine and make the engine blown. Gradually leakage and driving cars without oil is also a great reason that creates problems in the engine. 

Many junk car removals don’t give the good value of your junk car because they don’t know the exact value of your car. Junk car also has good value because it has been used in so many places. Furthermore, its spare parts are very useful to moderate the cars and sometimes its body it also reusable. You’ll get the best prices of blown engine cars from junk car removals. It’s not so much easy to sell the damaged car because no one is willing to get such type of car. Junk car removals provide the best 24/7 services, and you can find all the information and details. As well as, you can also get the estimated price of your blown engine car and compare it in the junk cars market place.

If you spent money on the repair of the engine, it would be the wastage of time as well as money. We know the exact value of your junk cars and give cash for junk cars. You can easily receive the cash on the spot without wasting a single minute. Moreover, you also receive the easy transfer process that has been done by the expertise. 


The bottom line is that the car with a blown engine is great damage that requires too much money on repairing. It is much better to sell such kind of car and buy a new one by adding some more money. Junk car removal is the best medium to sell your junk car and receive cash for junk cars immediately.