Sell Your Home Without Spending A Dime 


Selling a home can be full of stress and uncertainty. Most times, sellers want to sell as quickly as possible.

If you plan on selling your house fast and don’t want to spend extra money in the process, here are some helpful tips.


(1) Clean
Cleanliness is not overrated for potential buyers. You’ve heard the saying that the buyer needs to visualize himself/herself and family members living in the house during the tour.

The buyer cannot do that if your home is full of clutter, knickknacks, and dust, among other things. Cleaning and disinfecting in the open areas is vital but resist the urge to tuck things away in a closet. Closets need to be cleared too because buyers care about storage space and will be examining it thoroughly.

Consider the aroma of your home as part of the cleaning process. Fresh flowers from the garden, essential oils, or other pleasant aromas promote a homey feeling.

(2) Rearrange
Realtors are experts at staging homes to make the living area appear larger than it may be. Staging is not an optical illusion, and you can do it on your own with just a bit of common sense. Strategically placed furniture can promote open walkways and optimal floor space. It may not be how you currently have the furniture situated, and that’s okay.

Furniture arrangement can be a trial-and-error project. Move the furniture, photograph it, and walk through it to see if it achieves the desired effect.

(3) Stage
If the house has a beautiful formal dining room, consider donning it with your fine china and place settings. Potential buyers that enjoy dinner parties and entertaining will gravitate to that area because of your extra effort.

(4) Accessorize
Do you have a lot of throw pillows? Do some of them have holes or need to be freshened up? Are there lots of half-burned candles sitting around?

Look at all of these pieces and purge or revive as necessary. Wash and sew pillows, throw out blackened and burned candles, and put away excess items that you enjoy but could distract the buyer from the overall loveliness of your home.

(5) Care in the Kitchen
Of all the rooms in the house, the kitchen really needs to look like no one is living in the house at the moment. That means your piles of cookbooks, excessive serving spoons, and endless spice containers should be moved. The homebuyer has his/her own gadgets, spices, and tools that need to find a place in your space.

While all of these tips cost only your time, a little bit of money goes a long way in preparing your house for sale. New towels, pillows, candles, liquid soap dispensers, and a seasonal wreath on the front door can provide the immediate payoff.

Buying a home is a financial decision, but emotion factors in. The buyer could be looking at homes in the same neighborhood, with similar floor plans and square footage, so these practices can make yours stand out.