Sell your property the better way – 22 tips on cash buyers & more


Many people are understandably drawn to the idea of receiving cash for their house within a fortnight (as opposed to waiting months for a sale to go through), but is it really as easy as it sounds? There are, of course, certain pros and cons to selling your property to a cash buyer, and some important points to bear in mind if you are looking to sell your house fast.

Who are cash buyers?

Put simply, cash buyers such as 365 Property Buyers are companies or individuals who are looking to buy your property for cash. Some of these companies provide cash for houses, others will buy any home, and some will even help you relocate to another area, or pay for the house removal.

What is the process for selling a house to a cash buyer?

The process is actually very simple. The first thing you will need to do is search through a range of cash buying companies to find one that will purchase your home. Once you have found a suitable cash buyer, you should then go through a valuation process, which serves as an inspection of your property. The valuation can either be carried out by an employee of the cash buying company, or by a chartered surveyor. Either way, the valuation will be carried out with the idea of establishing the condition of your house, and determining a purchase price. You should not need to pay for this valuation, and you should receive a copy of the valuation report.

If your property is valued at a price you are happy with, you should then be asked to sign a contract with the cash buyer, and you will receive your cash in a matter of days. The cash buying company will usually ask for certain repairs to be made before they make the cash offer, but they will not pay for these repairs. The cash buying company will usually pay for the repairs, or the removal of your belongings, if they choose to do so.

What are the pros of selling your house to a cash buyer?

There are several advantages to selling your home to a cash buyer. Firstly, you will receive your cash within a week of selling your house, and you will not have to go through the hassle of being a tenant in your own home whilst you wait for your house sale to go through.

22 top tips: 

1. Get professional help

A lot of sellers think they can do it on their own, but it’s always better to get a professional in to help. They’ll do all the hard work, instead of you.

2. Pinpoint your target audience

You can’t expect to sell your home to everyone. You need to pinpoint your target audience. Think of who your ideal buyer is and then tailor your property to attract them.

3. Price your house right

It’s crucial to price your home correctly. If you price your property too high, you’ll fail to attract buyers. If you price it too low, you won’t get the return you were hoping for.

4. Think about your buyer

If you want to sell your house as soon as possible, you need to think about what would appeal to your buyer. You can do this by making sure your property is appealing, easy to navigate and, if possible, move-in ready.

5. Think about your home’s curb appeal

Curb appeal is extremely important. If someone is going to look at your house, you need to make sure it looks appealing from the outside.

6. Make your property move-in ready

This is especially important for homes that haven’t been lived in for a while. If your property hasn’t been lived in for a while, make sure it’s move-in ready.

7. Be realistic with your pricing

You can’t expect to get top dollar for your property. There’s always someone who will pay less.

8. Seek advice from an expert

If you’re serious about selling your property and making the most of it, you should seek advice from an expert.

9. Consider staging your home

Staging your home can put it in the best light possible. It will make it more attractive to buyers.

10. Advertise your house

If you want to sell your home quickly, you need to advertise it. Use a wide range of different channels to reach your target audience.

11. Prepare for showings

When someone comes to view your property, you need to be prepared. Try to remove any clutter and make your home look as appealing as possible.

12. Be flexible

Sellers who aren’t flexible aren’t going to do well in the market. If you don’t want to sell at a low price, you need to be flexible and ready to take what’s on offer.

13. Get your finances in order

If you’re selling your house, you need to get your finances in order. This will help you to avoid any financial mishaps and make sure that you’re ready for anything.

14. Think about the long-term picture

You need to think about the long-term picture when you’re selling your property. It’s best to do this sooner rather than later.

15. Be open to offers

Don’t be stubborn when you’re selling your property. It’s better to be open to offers and get the most out of your home.

16. Keep an eye on the market

It’s important to keep an eye on the market when you’re selling your property. If you see a new development, you need to consider how this could impact the value of your home.

17. Be flexible with the contract

It’s best to be flexible with your contract. If you’re buying or selling a property, you need to be open to making changes and alterations.

18. Keep it simple

Don’t make things complicated when you’re selling your property. If you make it too complicated, you might find things getting out of hand.

19. Get the right legal representation

If you’re selling your property, you need to get the right legal representation. This will make sure that your property sells quickly and for the right price.

20. Make sure you’re ready

If you’re thinking about selling your property, you need to make sure you’re ready. You need to be financially and emotionally prepared.

21. Don’t be afraid to negotiate

If you’re serious about selling your property, you need to be willing to negotiate. Remember, the buyer always wants to pay as little as possible.

22. Be realistic

It’s important to be realistic when you’re selling your property. You need to be prepared for anything.

Selling a house to a cash buyer is a quick, and efficient process. It’s also a good way to make sure you get the best price for your property. However, you need to be careful when you sell to a cash buyer, and if you’re not sure about the process, it’s a good idea to get a solicitor to check the contract. This will ensure that you’re protected at all times.