How to Send Luxury Items for Same Day Delivery


If you’re shipping luxury items, then your customers will expect the packaging and the delivery service to be just as luxury as the item they’re receiving. As ever with luxury items, appearance really does matter. To help you, we’ve put together this guide on how to send luxury items and why you should opt for same day delivery.

Why Opt for Same Day Delivery?

Although more costly than other forms of delivery, same day delivery is a hallmark of quality and improved customer service.

Generally speaking, for luxury items, customers are paying more. As such, many expect an increased level of customer service, which includes receiving their item quicker than they otherwise would. This is where same day delivery comes in, as the customer will have near instant access to the items they’ve just purchased.

Contrastingly, with economy services, not only will the item take far longer to arrive, but it will also come on an undetermined day, which could also lead to the customer being unable to access their parcel. Those who opt for luxury deserve better, which is why same day is the best option.

How Should I Send my Parcel?

As well as sending the parcel as a matter of urgency, you should also ensure that every possible step is taken to ensure your package arrives safely and still looks luxury. This can be done by:

Selecting a reputable courier – If your package goes missing, or isn’t delivered on the same day, then it gives a terrible first impression, so select a courier you know has a proven track record.

Choose a box that matches the brand – Many businesses send their parcels in leftover boxes for economy reasons. However, with luxury items, this isn’t an option. The box can’t be damaged, so it should be brand new. Also make sure it shows the company’s logo. You can create custom shipping boxes with your logo or other artwork you want.

Wrap it carefully and professionally – If the item is damaged when it first arrives then you’re going to have a customer service issue. Wrap the item carefully in tissue paper or bubble wrap if it’s really fragile. Then sit it on a bed of crate paper so it cannot move around and crease, chip or break.

Packing the box – Padding the box out with paper is a prerequisite, but carefully consider the paper you use for a luxury edge. While some will opt for newspaper, this doesn’t give a luxurious first impression. It’s all for padding, so consider coloured crate paper.

By following these simple steps, your luxury item should arrive quickly, safely and still scream luxury, leading to improved customer satisfaction. Give it a try today.