Seven Genius DIY Ways to Humidify Your House



The effects of a dry environment in your house makes occupants feel uncomfortable. Heating and cooling units installed in homes may not always have humidifiers installed in the system. Many heating systems rely on forced air circulating throughout the home which adds dry air. This is where a homemade humidifier comes in play. In this article we will present 7 genius DIY hacks that will automatically raise the humidity of your home. These include:

  1. Increase standing water
  2. Use ceiling fans to circulate air
  3. Create an indoor plant conservatory
  4. Vent clothes dryers to circulate warm air indoors
  5. Use a steam kettle several times a day
  6. Choose menus that release steam and moist air
  7. Purchase fish bowls to fill with gold fish or plants


1. Increase the Use of Standing Water

Increase the use of standing water from baths and showers that emit warm, moist air. Instead of turning on a bathroom fan to remove moist air, shut off fans and leave the bathroom door ajar when bathing and showering.

2. Use Ceiling Fans to Circulate Air

There is a lot of humidity in the average home from cooking and cleaning. Turn on ceiling fans when moist air is present, close interior windows and exterior doors. Keep doors to all other rooms open to allow ceiling fans to operate at maximum efficiency and circulate moist air.

3. Create an Indoor Conservatory

It’s easy to create a DIY indoor conservatory in the corner of a room, extra bedroom or empty closet space. By locating indoor plants and flower containers in a condensed location, this maximizes indoor humidity. It is also an attractive way to create indoor interest.

4. Vent Clothes Dryers to Circulate Warm Air Indoors

All clothes dryers have venting systems. These are usually vented to the outdoors. Now and then, the vent becomes detached. When it does, you notice the laundry room air fills with warm, moist air.

Allow the vent to circulate this moist air indoors. This is an ingenious way to make additional use of clothes dryer vents and add humidity to your house. It will also reduce the cost of heating and cooling.

5. Use a Steam Kettle Several Times a Day

boiling kettle with dense steam

Steam kettles are another way to increase humidity in your house. Use steam to make a cup of tea, open sealed envelopes, moisten glue or soften hardened glue and food particles. Use the excess steam as a humidifier.

Moisten a hand towel with water from the steam kettle and hang the towel over a faucet or rack. Make use of clean, empty metal containers by filling them with a sponge. Pour steamed water over the sponge. The sponge will release humid air. This is also good for avid tropical plant lovers who need a high level of humidity for plant growth.

6. Choose Menus that Release Steam and Moist Air

food steamer

Steaming vegetables is always healthier than frying. Plan menus that require ingredients to be steamed. For example, certain vegetables like zucchini, cauliflower, broccoli and carrots retain more of their healthful benefits from steaming.

Cooks like to keep boiled potatoes in the refrigerator for quick meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Boil potatoes for salads and soups. Don’t cover the pot when you boil potatoes, you’ll see the steam rise from them as they cook to desired tenderness.

Boiled potatoes can be mashed or rice them and use as a base in homemade dumplings and pasta. They are ready when you need them to make a meat and potato casserole for a quick dinner. Add melted butter and canned cream of mushroom or cream of broccoli soup and grated Cheddar or Parmesan cheese. Season them with fresh herbs like dill, basil or rosemary.

Steaming also applies to stews and sautéed foods. The more steam you generate, the more you increase humidity in your home.

When baking, use a Bain Marie (water bath) for puddings and breads. Instead of pouring out the water in the pan bed, place it on top of the stove or counter to add humidity.

7. Purchase Fish Bowls to Fill with Gold Fish or Plants

There is nothing like a gold fish bowl to catch attention. Buy one or two fish bowls, fill with water and gold fish or other species of colorful fish. This is an attractive way to add humidity to your house while also creating an interesting hobby for adults and children. A fish bowl is an attractive homemade humidifier.

If gold fish are not to your liking, you might try filling fish bowls with water and aquatic plants that do not require filtration. This is great way to start a hydroponic garden. For example, you can grow avocados in recycled wine glasses.

If you plan an outdoor garden, start rooting plants in glass containers on a window sill. They will be ready to transplant with strong, healthy roots.


Use these seven genius DIY ways to humidify your house and you will notice the difference in indoor humidity immediately.