Seven wrong things everyone believes in


What we consider to be fact is nothing but a simple opinion of somebody who has repeated it often enought, untill it turned into a “fact”. Every day we hear phrases and ideas judging whether something is right or wrong. Whatever we hear long enough we accept ir as a potential truth, eventually. So, next time before accepting as a fact we should consider checking the source of the information and what made us come to that exactly conclusion.

There are only sevenout of innumerous things we have accepted as truths before looking whether they are right, indeed.

  1. Alone means lonely

If being alone means being lonely, does that mean that whoever is in a relationship is happy? More often than not, whoever is alone it just mean he or she is alone. The loneliness does not necessarily depend on your current relationship status. However, the vast majority of the people only sees the unreal truth of the situation by counting people in the relationship.

2. The happiness comes once you have everything you need in order to be happy

Really!? But in order to be happy what you need to do is being thankful for the things you already do have. Once satisfied with this, you have greater chance to achieve something bigger. Sometimes we are too busy looking into the top and that’s when we miss the beauty of the whole mountain.

3. The pain is something that is easily recognizable

Never underestimate somebody else’s pain as everyone has a bag full of problems, even if you do not see it. Very often we are only concentrated on our own problems and that’s what makes us blind for the other people’s experiences. However, everyone you meet and see is dealing with something. That’s why you should be kind at first place with everyone.

4. The life should be lived in an appropriate way

Our thoughts are our greatest enemie. Do not bother yourself thinking whether you are doing something right or wrong. Actually there is no wrong decission. You just have to agree with whatever you decide and not regret your decission in order to change it later. Miracle happen once you decide to agree with your decission. Maybe this is the best formula for a happy life.

5. Only a few privileged people are destined to have happy and successful life

You can, just as well, be one of these people. You just have to learn how to appreciate the good things that happen on daily basis, no matter how small they are. That’s the key for the happiness. That’s what make the big people big from the very beginning. The happiness is something personal, a simple decission that should not be generalized.

6. The hard times are unnecessary

It’s called life. It’s called balance. If you act big during your hard times, then is when you prove you are worth it and deserve more. So next time you feel lonely and sad in some unwilling situation and you think that life is not fair, bare in mind that the teacher is always quiet during the test. Keep the faith and be thankful for the hard times as this means something great is about to happen.

7. To be strong means you never experience pain

In reality the strongest people are the ones who have experienced pain the most but have learnt from it. They take responsibilities for everything and that’s another thing that makes them big. One has to face a lots of obstacles untill he eventually reaches the top.