Several things to remember when the life seems impossible


Everyone’s purpose in life is to find a meaning to it. Plenty of people disagree with this phrase. They correct it saying that you have to give a meaning to your life. However, when you are facing challenges this is totally unimportant. Your goal is to feel better and that’s it. You fight, you pray, you improve yourself, you keep with the battle and eventually you win. You win in order to fall again.


This is partly correct. This is how the balance is formed. You need to touch both the floor and the ceiling in order to learn the worth of the things you have. On the other hand, it seems like we find it difficult to deal with the challenges. But no matter how hard you get hit, there is always something you have to remember:

The life might become difficult, but you are strong

You can’t just give up. You must firstly learn the power you hide inside you. The education we get at school is wonderful, however it is not enough. You have to seek knowledge and self development which will help you exactly in such cases. The truth is you are more powerful than you think you are. The sooner you learn about this, the easier your life will be.


The diamonds are formed under pressure

That’s yet another proof that not everything is as it seems. At the moment of the challenge you don’t see its purpose. However, everything happens for reason. What you go through always leads you to what you asked for. These are the moments when you have to show faith the most. Go ahead, crawl if necessary, go alone if there is no one else who believes in you, but go! Try to look at the situation from an outside perspective in order to understand its lesson.


Life is a journey

It’s not about the goal but about the road. There is no final destination. Each situation and each interaction pays a role in your life. It helps you out to become what you always dreamed of being. Be smart enough to enjoy the road. Be thankful for what you have at the moment. This is the eternal key to the happiness and joy. Only that way you can experience even more.


Your life – your story

Your rules as well. The one who writes it is you. Make sure you follow your own instincts and your own emotions. The sooner you learn how to follow them, the easier you will find the right path. Don’t let anyone tell you you are wrong or you are not enough. Act according to what resonates with you. If you listen to your heart it will always lead you to the place you will absolutely enjoy. Forget about the stupid cheap lessons everyone sells. If they try to teach you that you are not playing on the safer side if you follow your heart tell them it’s all about your own life. You are not crazy! The instincts are real and they are meant to be followed by you.