Shabbat Kiddush cups to perform the auspicious Kiddush for Shabbat


Shabbat, the weekly holiday, whose idea was deep-rooted in the initial section of the Torah, is one of the most elementary parts of the Jewish lifestyle. Notable Zionist philosopher Ahad Ha’am rightly said that Shabbat is a ritual that kept the Jews together around the globe through ages. In a week, the Shabbat starts from few minutes before Friday sundown and stays up to Saturday night. Jews refrain themselves from any kind of work on this holy day. They take rest, spend quality time with family and prepare some lip-smacking traditional dishes to celebrate Shabbat.  

A discussion on Shabbat will be left unfinished if we do not discuss about Kiddush. Being an integral part of Jewish Shabbat, Kiddush is basically a holy prayer that Jews chant before sipping wine poured in the Shabbat Kiddush cups to rejoice the Shabbat meal. 

In this article, we will provide a detailed discussion on Kiddush cups so that you do not get puzzled while buying the perfect Shabbat Kiddush cup for your family.

What is a Shabbat Kiddush cup:

The Shabbat weekend meal starts with blessings and pouring wine into a holy cup. Jews generally keep a special glass or cup separated to perform this ritual and it is known as Shabbat Kiddush cup. Though there is no hard and fast rule that you have to perform Kiddush with a special glass or cup, but usually a Kiddush cup carries the tradition of Kiddush through generations. And that is the significance of Kiddush cups.

Traditional Kiddush cup:

A traditional Kiddush cup comes with an old and elegant look. It draws its design inspiration from ancient Jewish communities. You can choose a traditional Kiddush cup from different looks and designs. They come in shiny silver color, hand-crafted ceramics with golden color, etc. Colorful metals are used to prepare these cups. Generally, designers also craft some Jewish blessings on these cups such as Yeldah Tova (good girl), Boreh Pri HaGafen (blessing over wine), etc.

Silver Shabbat Kiddush cup:

By design, a silver Shabbat Kiddush cup holds a mixture of contemporary and traditional design. The quality of these cups is so good that it can easily last through generations. You can find some of the best sterling silver Kiddush cups of ancient age in the museum of Israel. These cups are made with simple design and give a glossy silver look.

A Kiddush cup without stem:

The option for shapes and designs are ample for Kiddush cups, and so, a Kiddush cup without a stem will surely make your dinner table unique.  They come in many colors such as silver, blue, green, etc. Usually, colorful metals like copper, ceramic, silver are used to prepare these cups. By design, these cups are an example of a purely contemporary look. 

A Kiddush cup for a child:

Yes, there are Kiddush cups also available for children.  In general, children Kiddush cups engrave blessings like ‘good girl’ or ‘good boy’ in Hebrew. The size of these cups is small and they also lightweight so that a child can perfectly hold the cup.