She Spends Less Than $10 To Make Her 15-Year Old Artificial Christmas Tree Look Fuller


When you get an artificial Christmas tree, you often use it for several years. But unfortunately, after some time, the tree gets worn and tattered and you need to replace it with a new one. This is what actually happened to Ashley from the 3 Little Greenwoods blog, but instead of buying a new one, she came up with a wonderful idea of how to make the tree look fuller with less than $10.

This is how her tree looked like before doing the makeover!

fake tree Christmas tree
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You must admit it looks poor and cannot really add up to Christmas spirit. So, what Ashley did will definitely help you give a new life to that old Christmas tree you probably have at home. She first thought to buy some Christmas garland from the local discount store to fill in the gaps. But she didn’t like the thought of winding the garland in and out of the branches.

So, Ashley decided to buy two 24” Christmas wreath, that cost $4 a piece. She went home and separated the three sections of the tree. She made sure the bottom part of the tree was completely fluffed and after that added one of the wreaths.

fake tree
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The next step Ashley did was putting the middle tree section in place and put her second wreath on the top of that one. She focused her fluffing efforts on the branches on the inside of the wreath to make the wreath smaller and as such fit the perimeter of the smaller middle section.

Finally, she added the top section of the tree and added more lights to brighten it up.

And, voila!

fake tree
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Find more details about this great project, here. And of course, share it with your dear ones, so that they can also give a new life to their old Christmas tree.