She Sprinkled This All Over The Mattress To Have It Clean In Minutes


When is the last time you cleaned the mattress? Washing the sheets once a week does’t count! Instead of never washing the mattresses in her house, this girl does this to her bed every few weeks to keep it smelling fresh and clean.


We spend a third of our lives on top of the mattresses, so that we all should take some time, at least every few months if nothing else to give them a really good scrub. The biggest reason to clean them is because we all sweat while we sleep. So, not only are germs and dust collecting in the fabric that makes up your mattress, but so is an unbearable smell. Since we can’t throw them in the washing machine, it might seem hard to wash them. However there is a very easy trick to keep them fresh.

The youtuber Clean My Space shared this video on how to clean a mattress. And actually you only need one supply that you probably already have in your home: baking soda.

Let’s see how she cleans hers by using this product.

The first thing she did was take all the pillows and sheets off of the bed. Then she vacuumed the whole thing before doing anything else to rid the mattress of all dead skin cells. When that was done, the next step is the easiest and fastest way to get rid of the dust, germs and strong smell and make the mattress clean and fresh again.

The girl filed up her colander with baking soda and then sprinkled the white powder over the mattress. After leaving the baking soda to sit and soak up all the smells for about half an hour, she went back and vacuumed the mattress one more time. This leaves it fresh and ready for clean sheets and a good night’s sleep.