How to shoot a professional-looking home video


You have probably shot your own home videos unsuccessfully in the past. As mobile phone cameras get progressively better, they have started to become reliable tools for recording videos on the go. You can even find a device that records full HD or 4K videos and thanks to increasing storage, it is that much easier to shoot and save videos.

Although shooting a video might seem easy to an observer, it takes a bit of skill and patience. The main problem is that most people expect to end up with movie-quality on devices that have plenty of limitations. Although these rules mostly apply to mobile phones, they can also apply to other recording devices such as camcorders and tablets.

Add a grid

The only thing that is worse than watching a video filmed in portrait mode is watching one that is taken at the wrong angle. Including a grid lets you use the background as a reference point to ensure that your video is always straight. If your device has this setting, make sure that you use it accordingly.

The grid will aid in aligning your video thus creating straight films. Austin Ryan Taylor, a professional videographer in one of the popular Atlanta videography companies, points out that, if you are filming people at a wedding, make sure that their eyes are level with the top line of your grid. If this seems too hard for you, consider using experts to shoot your wedding.

Always use back cameras

This might seem like an obvious rule but some people actually forget to shoot with the back camera. Although front cameras have gotten more reliable for video calls and FaceTime, they have not reached the point where you can take high quality videos. Unless you want to record a short video of yourself, you need to use the main camera to film.

Focus and stability

When recording a video, you need to hold your device with both hands. If possible, use a tripod to get the best focus and stability. Moreover, you need to look at the device constantly to ensure that the recording is smooth.

When shooting a video, you should resist the temptation of looking at the scene you are recording. If your camera has a focus feature, you should use it to focus on the subject for a clearer image.

Record in landscape mode

As phones get bigger, portrait mode is becoming a popular way of recording videos. Although that is fine on mobile devices, you should remember that videos are viewed better on big screens. Portrait mode does not display well on big screens because you are wasting valuable space.

Even when you are in a hurry, you should get in the habit of recording in landscape mode for better quality in big screens.  


Lighting plays a bigger role in shooting videos than taking photos because it is easier to apply filters to a dark photo. When filming, make sure that your subject is illuminated by a light source that is behind you. Using your phone’s flash should be a last resort.

Avoid movement

A Smartphone is not that great at focusing on things. Therefore, you should avoid movement if you want the video quality to be top notch. If you have to move, do so slowly to give your camera time to focus on each scene.