Should you Buy an Engagement Ring from Brilliant Earth? A Review


An engagement ring is a promise that you want to spend the rest of your life with someone. From an emotional standpoint, it is one of the most important purchases you will ever make. As such an important symbol, you do not want anything to taint the pride you or your partner might feel in the ring. Most people have heard the term “blood diamond.” Diamond mining has a history of supporting human rights abuses, funding rebel causes, and perpetuating poor work conditions and poverty.


This Brilliant Earth review will discuss the advantages of buying an engagement ring from a company that has been around for a decade and a half and has a stellar reputation for working to ensure they sell only conflict-free diamonds and who support eco-friendly mining practices. If that isn’t enough to make you feel good about your purchase, Brilliant Earth also gives five percent of its net profits back to the community in a variety of ways that you can explore on their website.

Why You Should Choose Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earthworks hard to source their diamonds from providers that are completely conflict-free. Each diamond is tracked from its original source to its eventual sale through Brilliant Earth. Brilliant Earth also offers the option of diamonds made in a laboratory. Diamonds produced in a lab are ecologically harmless for those who take the damage we are doing to our earth seriously.

Brilliant Earth offers payment plan options, and many people qualify for interest-free installment payments. Getting married can be expensive, and wedding rings are a significant part of the costs. Paying for the ring in installments allows you to fund the wedding of your dreams, and the interest-free option means you aren’t paying more than you should for the rings.

Brilliant Earth takes its commitment to the environment seriously. They use ecologically sound mining practices, recycled gemstones, and precious metals, and even the packaging their jewelry is shipped in is eco-friendly.

Brilliant Earth has stores in eight different locations in the United States, but they also offer a complete online store that allows you to browse their entire inventory. Online, you can use the create your own tool to design the engagement ring of your choice. You start by choosing the diamond you want, and then you are presented with the different settings. When you select a setting, a side panel will give you different views of the diamond you chose in the setting you are viewing.

Though some have concerns about buying fine jewelry online, there are advantages. You can take all the time you want, and you can view the entire inventory of engagement rings. Mixing custom settings with the diamond of your choice is not something you can do in a store.

Lab-grown diamonds

Lab-made diamonds are also less expensive with a wide array of cuts and settings so that you can have something truly unique. Many people think of cubic zirconia when you mention lab-made diamonds, but that isn’t true. A diamond, whether it is mined or grown in a lab, has the same chemical make-up. The Federal Trade Commission has amended it Jewelry Guides by removing the word “natural” from its definition of mined diamonds.

Lab-grown diamonds are not mass-produced like other products. Each diamond grows its own way, with its own distinct pattern. The color, size, and clarity will differ in each diamond, meaning that lab-grown diamonds are just as unique as mined diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds are economical, sustainable, and ethically reliable, which means they are growing in popularity among conscientious consumers.

Vintage jewelry

Brilliant Earth offers a pleasing selection of vintage jewelry, or the ability to craft a custom piece inspired by vintage designs. Engagement rings with a vintage look are increasing in popularity, and buying a vintage or antique ring ensures the lowest possible ecological impact. If you, or your partner, love the unique look of vintage jewelry, Brilliant Earth might be the right place to find a one-of-a-kind engagement ring.

Matching wedding band

You choose the engagement ring, but typically, couples pick out wedding bands together. Your partner may want a say in the wedding set they will be wearing for a very long time. With the “Find My Matching Wedding Ring” tool, your partner can choose what wedding band they want to compliment the engagement ring you purchased. The feature offers a variety of selections for every engagement ring they sell, allowing your partner a choice in the type of wedding band they want.

Brilliant Earth also offers a large selection of wedding bands for men. The bands include simple, comfortable fit designs to those with embedded with a variety of gemstones or diamonds.  Shopping together online is less stressful than it can be in a traditional store, and there is zero pressure from a hovering salesperson.

In purchasing an engagement ring from Brilliant Earth, you will have plenty of options and customizations from which to choose. The generous 30-day return policy gives you peace of mind if you are less than satisfied with your purchase, or you need to return it for any reason.