Should you Incorporate a Neon Light Sign into your Space?


Thinking of Neon and you may conjure up thoughts of your local diner or your favorite bar. Great to look at; however, traditional neon lights have been relatively simple in terms of the designs that can be achieved, costly to produce, and costly to run. 


So then why should you consider a Neon Sign for your space?

According to Neon Mama, Neon Signs have come into a new age, and this is responsible for the recent resurgence in popularity. This is because of the way the signs are made nowadays. New Neon is constructed using LED. This means that the signs are not as delicate and breakable as they once were. They also are not hot to the touch and therefore are safer for use in the home. Their energy consumption is a fraction of what it costs to run a traditional Neon Sign. All in all, these new signs are now more appropriate for home and commercial use.

What designs are available?

As aforementioned, the manufacturing process has been revolutionized in recent years. This means that there are very few restrictions on the designs that can be made. It is easy to find a sign that is funky and on point. Just take a look at Their catalog of predefined designs merely is inspirational. Quotes in a beautiful cursive style, to oh so artistic image signs are now available. 

What if I can’t find a design to suit me and my space?

The answer to this question has been made simple by the use of innovative onsite text sign creators. Also, a bespoke image sign creation is available. That’s right. Custom signs have never been so affordable. So, if you want to let your artistic juices flow and get a genuinely personalized one-off piece for your space, now you can, and it will be designed and created for you in quick-smart time. This service also lends itself well to commercial applications whereby a logo or company slogan is required.

In Summary!

Neon has never been so accessible to the mainstream as it is today. You only have to look at your Insta or Pinterest Feeds to see how popular and of the moment, it has become. Neon offers a beautiful way to incorporate light into your space and ultimately change any room’s ambiance. These focal point pieces can be made in various sizes and colors, providing a visual kick while suiting your requirements. The new Led tech results in super sharp, bright, and crisp light.

So, go ahead, light up your space, and your life with a Neon Sign today!