Show You Care: Gifts for the People in Your Life

Little boy handing flowers to little girl, isolated on white

Are you eager to show a loved one in your life how much you care? Most people love the thought of receiving an unexpected gift from a spouse, parent or a friend. Here are a few gifts ideas to brighten your special someone’s day:

Send Snail Mail

Sometimes a personal touch is the best gift for spouse, parent, friend or sibling. Pick out a card and send it to your loved one through the mail. Your card will mean more if you send it on a random day, instead of a holiday or birthday. An good surprise adds to the thoughtfulness of your gesture. If you feel emotionally adventurous, pen a letter about ways he is special to you. A handwritten letter is a treasure he’ll read over and over again.

Little boy handing flowers to little girl, isolated on white
Little boy handing flowers to little girl

Plan Dinner & a Movie

Your special someone is busy with deadlines at work. Schedule an impromptu dinner and movie date. Pick out a restaurant you’ll both enjoy and buy tickets to enjoy a movie afterward. This act reminds your sweetie that you care about her downtime and are willing to take the extra steps to reserve a night exclusively for the two of you. During this time, make certain you are paying attention and not distracted by your cell phone. It is an evening dedicated to each other.

Deliver a Bouquet of Flowers

An unexpected bouquet of flowers is a fun way to let your special someone know you are thinking about her. Have the flowers delivered at home or work and it will instantly brighten her day. Who doesn’t love a bouquet of flowers accenting a room? It is an instant pick me up and positive energy booster, and she’ll think of you every time she sees the blooms sitting on her desk.

Gift a Photo

With technology and the convenience of flipping through pictures on a smartphone, you often forget the sentimental feeling a printed photograph offers. Comb through your photographs and print out a picture of significant memory you shared with your loved one. Buy a frame, wrap the gift and make a date to deliver it to him. This walk down memory lane is guaranteed to fill both of you with warm fuzzies.

Or have it all done for you with a service like Shutterfly. Pick a picture, pick a frame and send it off. This is especially helpful if your loved ones live far away but you want to present them with something sentimental and special.

Buy an Aromatic Candle

If you face a limited budget, don’t let it prevent you from doing something special for your loved one. Think about her favorite scent and purchase a candle as a gift. Candles help promote focus and a positive outlook, as well as connect you to a special memory. Fragrances like rose and lavender are shown to specifically create calm in a person’s environment.

Showing someone you care about him or her doesn’t require a complicated approach. A simple unexpected gift is the best way to show your loved one he or she matters to you.