Why Showers are Becoming More Popular


Increasingly, people are opting to have their baths ripped out and replaced by shower enclosures. The interesting thing about this trend is that it is happening across the world.

There are several reasons homeowners are taking this approach. They vary a bit from market to market, but these are the main ones:

A lack of space

Sadly, one of the main drivers is that fact that people have to live in smaller homes. In many parts of the world, a lack of land and the high cost of housing means that children are far less likely to be able to move into their own home. As a result, the average number of people living in a property is increasing, which means that space is at a premium. Increasingly, bathrooms are being converted into shower rooms, so that some of the floor space can be used for other purposes.

Showers are more hygienic

Another reason people seem to prefer a shower to a bath is hygiene related. People do not like the idea of lying in their own dirt. They prefer to have a shower, so that all of the dead skin and soap runs off their body. Even people who like to relax in a bath usually take a shower afterwards to get themselves clean.

Showers are better for the environment

People are increasingly concerned about the environment. Many have their habits to do their part to protect the earth and its resources. One of those changes is taking a shower rather than a bath. If you want to know more about the environmental impact of taking a shower rather than a bath just click this link.

The development of luxury showers

Luxurious shower enclosures are also tempting people out of their baths. Large showerheads combined with water that is pumped through them at a fast rate create a powerful jet to stand under. These streams of water are perfect for massaging your aching muscles and reviving you. A good luxury shower is just as good at helping you to relax after a hard day of work as a soak in the bath.

A lack of time

The fact that people are far busier than they used to be is another reason they are taking more showers. A shower need only take you five or ten minutes, but a bath takes far longer. By the time you have filled the bath, and got in and out, you can easily swallow up 30 minutes of your day.

To save money

The fact that you use far less water to take a shower means that you can potentially save a lot of money on your power bills. Of course, how much you save depends on how long you spend in the shower. Typically, if you only spend five minutes in the shower you will only use 10 gallons of water, whereas if you have a bath you will use at least 20 gallons. Therefore, you can easily reduce your water-heating bill by 50%.