Signs and Sounds of Transmission Issues You Need to Pay Attention


Signs And Sounds Of Transmission Issues

Have you ever heard some weird noise from your car while the engine was running? Are you wondering if it is still ok to ignore those? 

Here is my best advice: DO NOT IGNORE THEM. Those signs show up to tell you that your car may be having some serious troubles. And you must check it immediately.

In this topic, we will analyse deeply to learn some signs and sounds of transmission issues .

What Would Happen If You Ignore Those Signs And Sounds?

Your car runs with a complicate system inside. When some parts of this system has trouble, the whole system can not work effectively. Then, the car will make some noise. 

If you heard those symptoms and do nothing to fix, your car may go to malfunctioning. Some problems that you would meet can be:

You will break your gears teeth 

The teeth of the gears are so small that they can be broken anytime. If you let them be broken, the gears can not run smoothly anymore.

Your car may shake at high speed

The problem with transmission often leads your car to loss of traction. Therefore, your car may not hold its stability while running at high speed. 

The wheels would not roll due to gears slipping

When car gears slip, it leads your car to loss of control. In this case, the transmission can not give power to the wheels to make them run.

You can not put the transmission into gear

This is a huge trouble that you totally can get with your car. If this problem comes, we are so sorry to tell you that you must prepare to replace or rebuild your transmission.

5 Common Signs Of Transmission Problems

Sign Of Transmission Problems

To prevent your car from being ruined, you will need to notice some bellow signs.

Burning smells

Every driver needs to add fluid to their cars in order to prevent inside temperature from increasing. When you feel that something is burned, you need to check out immediately. The amount of fluid in your car may be very low.

The transmission in many vehicles even has an oil cooler. This oil cooler helps fluid to move heat out of the transmission unit.

Transmission issue can cause the check engine light to come on as well, the guide on AutoGuysLand will help you know what to do. 

Gears slipping

When you are driving, if there is gears slipping on a transmission, your car may automatically pop out of the gear and let your stick back to neutral position.

That is very dangerous. Imagine that you are in a risk situation. A crazy car is out of control and runs straightly to your car with very high speed. You must shift your car to avoid an terrible accidents. Unfortunately, your car pops out of the gear and your wheels takes no power from the transmission. That is cool, right?

Clutch is dragging

This symptom appears when you press the clutch pedal but the clutch can not disengage the clutch disk from the flywheel.

Dragging clutch will make drivers uncomfortable by attempting to shift their car.

Fluid is leaking

You will need to pay many attentions to your car transmission each time you see fluid leaking. 

Fluid in transmission often has colors green or red. So you can easily distinguish this from other fluid in your car. If there is leaking transmission fluid, you car may not run properly. You should not leave it aside, because the issue would be worse over time. 

As we said, your car transmission may be overheating if there is not enough fluid. And of course, a small leak of fluid is easier to fix than a bigger one. So remember that you should fix those as early as possible.

3 Weird Sounds That Say Your Transmission Is In Trouble

Sounds Of Transmission Problems

Beside those signs above, you need to notice these sounds also.

Grinding sound

When your transmission makes grinding noise. It could mean your gear system is getting serious problem. If you do not fix on time, these serious issues may become worse and can damage your car.

Whining sound

If there is a whining noise from your transmission. You should think that the fluid line may be clogged.


Some drivers often forget to add fluid. So when the fluid level of the transmission is low, the car will make some gurgling noise.


We hope that from this topic, you can understand your best machine friend more and more. Remember to take care of your car oftenly and notice all the symptoms.

If you need more information, please contact us. We always try our best to help you.

Thanks you for having reading!