Signs of a classy man


The good-old-days were not so good where being classy was a concern. You were either born classy or not. In the modern age, a classy man adds flare to traditions by taking the best from the past and deliberately fitting it to modern-day standards. By making small significant changes in your appearance and behavior, you will join the class of classy, sophisticated men. Here’s how.

  1.     Be confident

A classy man is bold, fearless, and confident. You must believe in your abilities, take on risks with positive expectations, and work your way to success. Your handshake is firm, you smile, and maintain eye contact. You carry yourself well, and you are comfortable in your skin. Everyone in a room is drawn towards a classy man because of how he behaves and carries himself.

  1.     Dress accordingly

The first thing people notice about you is your appearance. If you have long unkept hair and beard, it won’t matter if you wear a designer suit. You will still be deemed classless. Combine proper grooming with a sharp suit and shoes, and you are on your way there. It’s like carefully picking gifts for your groomsmen. You want to remain thoughtful, but give them something that will make a statement and others will admire. For instance, classy cufflinks, personalized coolers, and a whiskey decanter from GroomsShop are a great way to start. Every time any of your groomsmen use any of these items will be a moment of showing class and sophistication, the same way a great suit, tie, and shoes does to your appearance.

  1.     You remember things that are important to others

A classy man is attentive. You remember dates and what’s important to others by paying attention to them when they speak. If you are not good with dates, note them down in your diary, save them on your phone’s calendar or set a reminder. Also, surprise people by remembering things about them they wouldn’t expect you to. For instance, bring your workmate their favorite doughnut or chocolate or congratulate them for running the 5k marathon.

  1.     You are calm

Remaining calm and containing your emotions is perhaps one of the most important signs of a classy man. When someone steps on your toes, you take time to calm yourself instead of acting in the heat of the moment. It does not matter how trivial or serious the matter is, you control your anger and never raise your voice. Classy men also think before they act. You wait until you are calm to reason out an issue instead of making a decision when you are annoyed.

  1.     You don’t brag or whine

When interacting with others, you don’t brag about your accomplishments or make the conversation all about you. Instead, you are a good listener. You don’t whine about your problems or complain about how the world is unfair to you. You look for solutions and solve problems.

As you add these tips to your daily routine, remember not to try too hard, or you will come out as desperate and classless, the opposite of what you want to achieve.