Signs someone might be thinking about you


Each day there are more and more people who believe that we are all connected. The telepathy is real, therefore you can sense when you are crossing someone’s mind. Distance means nothing. You can even be on the furthest spot possible or on the other side of the planet. The vibration and the signals can travel anywhere. They know no walls, no borders, no kilometers. They transmit whatever you feel inside. Even when you do not believe in this story, it works either way.


We are like antennas. We accept and receive signal, messages and thoughts at any time of the day. The time when we sleep is not an exception. Therefore the sooner you accept this theory as true, the sooner you will turn it in your favor.

There is more than one way to know whether someone is thinking about you or even talking about you. Believe it or not, you can even know whether they are saying good or bad things. We share with you the most common and obvious signs. So, if it happens to you to spot any of them we suggest you to try to follow the tips only for one month. Later you can easily decide whether you want to keep on with this. The thing is, especially if you don’t believe in it, try it and then speak about its credibility.


Firstly, be present and live in the moment. When one of the signals that follow happens to you, find some peaceful and dark place. You need to meditate for some minutes. Quiet your mind and see what your subconsciousness has to tell you. Do not visualize, do not try to predict anything. Just listen and breath. That very person will pop up to your mind easily and effortlessly. He might even want to tell you something.

There are the signs you are most likely to experience when someone is thinking about you:

Feeling warmth around your heart

If, out of a sudden, you feel heartbeats faster than usual the chances are someone close is thinking about you. If you feel an indescribable comfort with an accent on your heartbeats and you feel careless, you already know. This is one of the most common yet credible sign.


Feeling uncomfortable for no reason

This is a sign when someone is intensely observing you. Your vibe catches their vibe, therefore you feel somehow uncomfortable. That happens even when someone who is not present thinks about you. So beware the next time you experience such feeling.


Smiling for no reason

This is very similar to a situation when someone shares something pleasant with you. You suddenly feel happy, energized and calm. Therefore you even put a smile on your face. This is a good sign that someone is thinking about you. To be more precise, he is having a good thoughts about you.


If you still don’t believe that your body and spirit is much more than what you see in the mirror, we suggest you to read more about this. You will surely enjoy getting to know your own body and being better. You absolutely can be, do, become and achieve everything you want. Turn all this vibes into your favor by studying them better.