Signs Your Tankless Water Heater Needs Service Or Repair


It’s essential to ensure that your household plumbing and appliances are working properly. around the house. However, it’s not always easy to tell when your fixtures need professional maintenance or repair, and that’s especially true when it comes to tankless water heaters.

Tankless water heaters are becoming more common than ever, and thus, plumbers are performing speciality water heater repairs for these appliances. These models are a great alternative to gas or electric water heaters as they are often more cost-effective. They work by using either a gas burner or electric element to warm the water as it passes through a pipe and into the unit. This method allows for an (almost) endless supply of instant hot water. Unlike a traditional water heater, the water is not preheated or stored in a stage tank being kept up to temperature. 

A reliable supply of hot water is especially important during the colder months. Even minor repairs can prove to be a big inconvenience and can usually be avoided with regular maintenance. Our expert team has compiled a list of signs that your water heater needs repairs or service so you can get it sorted as soon as possible. 

No Hot Water

Having issues with your hot water supply or water pressure is a sure sign that something is wrong with your tankless water heater. This is often your first and most obvious warning sign.

As the water should be heated using either an electric heating element or gas burner, a lack of hot water indicates an issue with your system’s heating element or fuel source. 

Water Heater Shuts Itself Down

Another reason behind there being no hot water could be if your tankless water heater has shut itself down. A common reason for this is because of a clogged filter. You should clean your water heater’s filter every six months to avoid debris and dirt build-up. Cleaning the filter is routine maintenance and does not require a plumber. 

The filter is an incredibly important component of your system as it allows ventilation of the hot exhaust produced. A clogged filter can result in a breakdown. 

Strange Taste or Color in Your Water

Cloudy or funny-tasting water is another warning sign that should never be ignored. Tankless units do not have a reservoir for sediment to form in, so there shouldn’t be any discoloration or funny tastes in your water. 

If you notice any changes like rust-colored water or a metallic taste, you should call a plumber right away. There is a chance that it is an indication of iron in the water, which can be toxic in large amounts.

Leaky Tankless Water Heater

Having a leak in your plumbing appliances is concerning for homeowners, as it indicates the need for tankless water heater repairs. While a leak in your system is rare, it may occur and need some repair or maintenance. 

If you are having problems with the hot water, it pays to check if you can see water pooling under the unit or any other leaks. 

If you do happen to notice a leak, be sure to call a qualified technician near you to conduct tankless water heater maintenance. You should not attempt to make any repairs yourself, outside of changing the filter, as tankless water heaters use natural gas, which can be dangerous. 

Odd Noises

It is important to remember there is nothing unusual about hearing clicking noises from your tankless water heater. This appliance is bound to make some noise throughout its lifespan. That being said, if you are hearing lound knocking, screeching, humming, or any other odd noises, then you have a problem.

You should call a trained technician to inspect the unit as soon as possible to prevent further damage and any hot water supply issues.  

Other Failing Appliances

As if not having a reliable supply of hot water wasn’t bad enough, issues with your tankless water heater can also affect your other appliances. Appliances that rely on hot water, such as your dishwasher or washing machine, will not be able to perform as efficiently if they are not getting hot water. So, before you look into replacing your plumbing systems, call a professional to conduct tankless water heater maintenance services or repair.