Sima’s Locksmith Brooklyn, NY is a Lock & Key Expert


Could new residential door locks bring peace of mind your way?  Call Sima’s Locksmith residential locksmith to upgrade the locks on all of the doors at your home. But remember, this is just one of the many types of jobs a good locksmith who can come out to your location can assist you with.  There’s even a 24-hour locksmith around when emergency lock issues occur.

New Residential Door Locks Add Protection & Peace of Mind

Digital door locks are state of the art locks that allow you to lock your home and open it without using a lock.  Several types of digital locks make it easy for every homeowner to choose the right product for their needs. Simply input the special lock code into the keypad to gain entry into the home.  Many people in the area are upgrading their door locks to digital form because it eliminates the need to fumble around searching for keys and reduces risks. This is just one type of lock a good residential locksmith at Sima’s Locksmith Brooklyn, NY can install on the doors of the home. Ask about deadbolt locks, too.


Need Key Fobs Programmed?

Call Sima’s Locksmith Brooklyn, NY for that service and get what you need. A qualified automotive locksmith provides key fob programming at an affordable cost.  The fob contains a special remote and code inside that is needed to start a car. This is a security measure that many vehicle use. This security feature prevents unauthorized access to the car and also reduces the risk that the car will be stolen.  Locksmiths can program or replace these keys for any vehicle make or model. Key duplication and broken key extraction are two more of the many services the locksmith offers for vehicle owners.

The Locksmith Explains: What is a Deadbolt?

Many people use deadbolts on their entrance door at home.  The deadbolt is used with another lock and key set; however, this special deadbolt lock cannot be opened from the outside, nor can it be opened with a key.  It is a lock that is used when a homeowner is asleep or otherwise at home. It is considered a high security lock and is not easily manipulated by would-be intruders, if it can be manipulated at all.  As long as Sima’s Locksmith commercial locksmith Brooklyn, NY properly installs this lock on the door, homeowners have little to worry about when they’re inside the house.

Safes and Vaults Opened by the Locksmith

Gun safes are important items that all gun owners use to store their weapons when they’re not in use. The safe prevents the weapon from getting in the wrong hands and provides a place for safekeeping until it is needed again.  If you own a gun safe, you may find the need to call a locksmith if you forget the passcode to access the safe. Sima’s Locksmith can unlock the safe without damaging it. When you think about a locksmith, you usually envision doors and locks, and ignitions and locks.  While it is true that a locksmith works on locks on these items, they can also handle the locks on your gun safes, vaults, office cabinets, and other areas. Give a locksmith a call if you need safes unlocked.

24 Hour Lock Service from a Trusted Source

Don’t attempt to handle your own lock and key repairs and installations and do things incorrectly.  Call a Locksmith Brooklyn, NY who has the tools, expertise, and time to do things the right way. Thanks to Sima’s Locksmith emergency locksmith service, a locksmith is there any time that you need a helping hand.