Simple Home BBQ Tips to Impress Your Guests


Summer is around the corner! It is inarguably the best time of the year to throw BBQ parties for your closest friends or, maybe, the entire neighborhood. The weather will be beautiful, so it is a perfect time to start planning your backyard parties with styles. 


A stunning backyard party does not have to be extravagant. With a perfect combination of simple yet carefully picked tablecloths, linen napkins, utensils, and a creative menu, you are up for an unforgettable summer get-together. Pay attention to these simple home BBQ tips; your upcoming party will surely impress your guests!

Summer-Inspired Tablecloths

You think your outdoor tables might not be the most comfortable and fashionable furniture to impress your guests. Then transform them with a few tweaks to bring out the summertime festivity. Decorate them with colorful tablecloths — be it the checkered one or any bright-colored fabrics — to radiate the summer vibes.

Twinkle Lighting & Bunting

Calm and dim lighting exuding the festivity can set up the mood perfectly and get all the guests into the summer atmosphere smoothly. Hang these along with summer-themed bunting in trees or railings. When the sun sets, these twinkle lights will usher everyone into a beautiful yet quiet summer evening in which your party radiates warmth. 

Matching Linen Napkins

To add a chic feel to the casual summer décor, try using linen napkins to cover your cutleries and other utensils. With simple napkin folds, you can elevate your whole backyard party and make your guests feel like you are going all the way to prepare the get-together. Try using linen napkins that match your tablecloth colors to add an extra layer of elegance.

Style your cutleries and make them ready to go. Wrap them or cover them with napkins, then set them in plates or buckets for a simple grab-and-go way. By doing so, you will add a more friendly and warm touch to your party.

Grill & Cooking Tools

A BBQ party without a live grill is just impossible. Therefore, you might need to prepare and invest in grill tools before throwing the party. Once you come with the grill and necessary cooking tools, you will need to decide how to cook your barbecue — with direct heat, indirect heat, charcoal, wood chips, or split logs. 

According to BBQ experts, smoke is also an ingredient. Therefore, any gas grill is not recommendable. If you are using a new smoker, make sure to clean it up first by letting fire raging on it for 45 minutes. This process will incinerate any remains or by-products in the smoker. 

Flowers Are Never Wrong

Add colorful flowers to up your BBQ décor game. Place bright-colored flowers on top of the beautifully covered tables to bring out the summer sunshine whenever the dinner is ready. You can never go wrong with flowers! Fresh, sweet-scented flowers will upgrade the mood to a whole new level.

Summer Beers, Wines, & Homemade Cocktails

Before we get to the grill, it will always be a fabulous idea to warm up with everyone’s favorite social drinks. Light beers can be a great starter. Stock up a lot of ice! You would not want to hear your guests complaining about no chilled beers. 

Wines can also be a good option for as long as you do not complicate the serving. If you are up for some mixology game, you can try your bartending skill as well. Classic summer cocktails like a mojito, margarita, and daiquiri can be your go-to recipes. 

If you have dispensers, you can also utilize them to serve relatively easy-to-prepare drinks, like infused water or fruit juices. You can also use them for a self-service sangria corner if that’s your style.

BBQ Meat

There are no limitations or restrictions on what you can and cannot barbecue. In a “real barbecue,” you might need to cook a large cut of briskets or pork for 12-18 hours. However, you do not have that much time for a backyard BBQ party. Therefore, you might want to resort to meats that might become tender in a shorter time. Spare ribs, chicken, quail, fishes, and some others belong to this category. If you are not confident about throwing raw chicken right through the grill, you can mildly cook it beforehand.

You need to marinade and rub those meats with seasonings before throwing them to your grill. How you marinade and rub them might depend on your preference. However, remember that “smoke is an ingredient” too. 

In a proper barbecue, you might consider the sauce as a compliment. With a shorter time, however, the sauce can be the real game-changer. The secret to home barbecue sauce is the drips-out of the meat upon cooking. Collect those drips and mix them with vinegar, ketchup, and other spices to make the BBQ sauce that will impress your guests.

Additional Food Corners

The grill will be the real deal at your party. However, you can impress everyone you invite more with some more food corners to satiate your guests’ taste buds.

A do-it-yourself, family-style burger bar can be a pretty addition. You might need to prepare some buns, tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, and some extra cheeses for this. However, people will love this extra touch. Grab-and-go snacks, corn on the cobs, and ice cream can also add some layers to the summer festivities!

Social Games!

Make it a party for everyone by adding some fun activities and games. Some classic outdoor games might help your guests to socialize with each other. You can even make a fun game for kids or families to make it more engaging.

If you cannot think of any game to propose to your audiences, you can think of anything else. Karaoke sounds fun and easy to administer. If you are feeling creative, you can maybe host a lip-syncing party, too.

Compostable Plates & Recyclable Utensils

The last thing you won’t want to have after hosting an iconic BBQ party will be washing endless dishes. If you already have fancy silverware you want to flaunt, you might want to combine them with compostable plates. They offer a more rustic touch to the dining table and are also more environmentally friendly. Making your guests contribute to such a cause will be the cherry on top of your attempt to impress them with your BBQ party!