Simply Beautiful: Hanging a Personalized Last Name Sign in Your Home


You may not want your home decor to match everyone else’s picks from the local furniture store. This is where a custom wall hanging or canvas can really shine. It brings a unique conversation piece into your house for you to talk about with your visitors. There are many different styles and ideas that go into your sign, you just need to decide which one fits your needs the best. 

Your Last Name

This is a significant part of your identity. It may be a common, or unusual last name, but it belongs to you. Last Name Signs give every member of your family a feeling of pride as they see the name that has been passed down through generations before them. Having a custom sign made with your last name as a focal point in the design shows that you have a high regard for yourself and your history.

Marriage Date

Whether you order a personalized last name sign for yourself or as a gift for newlyweds, a great design element to add to your custom piece of art is the date of marriage. Some people like to have the whole word “established,” and the year of marriage included on the artwork. Other signs abbreviate the word to “est.” and then give the year.

Names of Your Family Members

If you have children, or you are giving this item as a gift to your parents, family members will enjoy seeing their names included on the custom last name sign. You might not think much about it, but this contributes to family unity and be a great way for you to show everyone just how much they are loved.

Familiar Slogans

Perhaps your last name and marriage date is enough for your personalized work of art. If you would like more on your sign, you can choose one of many familiar slogans that are found in other homes around America. Some of these include: Home Sweet Home, Welcome to Our Home, Home is Where the Heart Is, and The Language of Love is Spoken Here. The great thing about personalizing your sign is making it exactly how you want it, with the words that mean the most to you and your family.


If you are concerned that a personalized last name sign would not fit in with your home decorating style, you do not have to worry. Custom signs can be designed with midcentury, elegant, minimalist, country, and eclectic (or any other style you have,) tastes in mind. Choosing the proper font for your last name and any other words included on your canvas is one of the biggest keys to getting the style and design the way you want it. 

Color, texture, and borders are other design choices that you might want to consider. Your canvas can be designed to look like pieces of wood nailed together with the last name and other information printed on top. If you have higher end decor, you might be happier with a plain white canvas. Your last name, date and a border in an understated yet elegant design will complement the furniture and other pieces of art in your home. 

Consider adding a personalized last name canvas to your home decorating scheme. It is not something that every home has, and it is a great way for you to show pride in your heritage and family. Guests who come to visit are likely to be impressed by the information on the canvas and you might have some interesting conversations as a result. Whether you include your marriage date, other family member’s names, or a familiar saying on your personalized sign, it is sure to be a great way to warm up your home decor. Remember that personalized last name signs are not exclusive to only one style of decorating. They can be designed for any style scheme.