Six Blanket Types That Make Cozy Gifts 


Nothing says “cozy” quite like the comfort and warmth of a brand new blanket. What better way to spend a rainy or cold afternoon then snuggled beneath your favorite blanket with a hot cup of tea and a good book?

The gift of a blanket lets someone know that you care about their comfort, their well being, and their peace of mind. It can mean so much more than that, though. A carefully selected blanket can reflect your friend or loved one’s style and character, making it a particularly personal gift. As blankets last for years, they can also serve as cherished reminders of birthdays, holidays and other meaningful events. Also, a blanket makes the perfect gift as it’s something that’s practically guaranteed to be used, and used often.


A great way to make a gift more personal, printed plush blankets are sold in an astounding variety of designs. Whether you’re shopping for a dog lover, a space-enthusiast, or a musician, you’ll be able to find a plethora of appropriately printed blankets. Everybody loves the luxurious feel of a plush throw and finding one with the perfect print for someone on your list will make their special occasion that much more memorable.


Timeless and stylish, the classic wool throw makes the perfect gift for anyone, and especially for the new homeowner. The wool throw is warm and chic, making it an excellent accessory as well as a comfortable blanket. Draping a gifted wool throw over the back of a sofa or favorite chair will not only increase the “cozy factor” of a home or apartment but will serve as a reminder of a cherished event.


Coziness and comfort are what blankets are all about. Why not add to the comfort factor by enveloping yourself, or your loved ones, in a luxuriant fleece throw featuring personal photos designed to bring a smile? photo blankets offers a variety of type and styles, all customizable with your own photos, and the customization process is done entirely online. The Photo Blanket will serve as a warm (and practical) reminder of any celebration.


Perfect for a lazy Saturday morning or the inevitable sick day, the wearable blanket allows for comfort on the move. Warm and cozy, this robe-like blanket also features pockets, so your tissues and throat lozenges will always be at arm’s length, wherever you are in the house. The wearable blanket makes an excellent gift for the homebody on your list.


While blankets are generally meant to be used at home, the heated car blanket is designed to take cozy on the road. An excellent gift for anyone who owns a vehicle, the heated car blanket is warm and stylish. When plugged into your car’s DC accessory outlet, the electric throw will warm up your cold morning commutes. Drape the heated car blanket over your legs and fight the winter blues as you drive.


More than simply a weighted blanket, the Gravity Blanket is a uniquely designed therapeutic blanket. Featuring an interior of fine-grade glass beads, the Gravity Blanket is engineered to be about one-tenth of your body weight. Internal stitching ensures the glass beads stay in place, allowing for equal distribution of weight and warmth. Available in grey and navy blue, the Gravity Blanket comes in weights of fifteen, twenty, and twenty-five pounds. Let the comfort of the Gravity Blanket hug your stress away.


The least conventional blanket on our list, the whimsical Mermaid Blanket is nonetheless a consumer favorite. Combining the features of a sleeping bag, blanket, and costume, this blanket is sure to bring smiles to children and adults alike. The knit crocheted Mermaid Blanket is ideal for keeping feet and legs warm while reading or watching television.

A new blanket makes for a thoughtful and personal gift that’s sure to be treasured for years to come. Choosing the ideal style and even customization for that special someone can make the process meaningful and enjoyable for the giver too. Show somebody you care about their comfort and give them the gift of cozy!