Six Easy DIY Projects for Beginners


DIY skills are important to have. Those skills can be applied to our lives as a means to repair something in your home to save money or even create new things to make money. Some schools have applied woodworking classes in their curriculum. If you weren’t lucky enough to have a Dad or Grandparent that could teach you or a school that offered those classes you are probably relying on Ikea or the furniture section of Amazon, Walmart, Sears and Wayfair.


DIY is more than just the ability to create or work on projects, but it also enhances your confidence in building things, develops your problem-solving ability and encourages you   creative. Thankfully, you do not need to be an expert. You can start as a beginner by doing these six simple and easy DIY projects.

Shoe Storage

Admit it or not, our shoes have a tendency to be lying around somewhere they weren’t supposed to be, especially when you do not have your own shoe rack or cabinet. A simple shoe cabinet with 2 or 4 compartments ranges from $100 to $130. But you can actually build one yourself.

All you need is a 4×4 feet sheet of  ¾ inches of plywood, wood glue and finish nails. If you dont have enough floor space, the good thing about these is that you can use the vertical space. Just make sure to place on a wall that is sturdy and can handle the weight. Be sure to use wall anchors if needed to secure it to the wall.

Sofa Sleeve

Sofa are made to make sitting comfortable and watching movies or TV shows more enjoyable. And having a cup of coffee while doing both those mentioned are just bliss. Having a sofa sleeve cup holder will make it possible. All you need is three pieces of wood nailed or glued together. The top side should have a hole that fits your favorite coffee mug.

Candle Holder

In the US alone, more than 1 billion pounds of wax are used to manufacture scented candles. The scented candle market is growing exponentially. Why not, it has the power to change the vibe and atmosphere in a room with that relaxing scented of over 2,000 varieties.

You can complement your passion for scented candles with a holder. You can do this by looking for a piece of wood. You just need to punch a hole or three on the material and there you have it. An instance holder with a rustic feel.


Outside Bench

You have a beautiful garden, now you are ready to add some style to it with outdoor furniture. Furniture can be very expensive. If you plan on buying new you should expect to pay$500 for a decent set. If you are ready to roll up our sleeves and start a DIY project, you can have an outside bench for less.

All you need is around six to seven piece of woods in various sizes. A few nails and screws and you will have a wooden bench that only cost about $50.

Coat Rack

Coats, jackets, and hats, when left lying around can make your home look messy and call also cause your coat to wrinkle.  If you want to keep things looking organized and well put together you need to install a coat rack. A perfect beginner DIY project, all you need is a board cut vertically that fits the space available in the wall you would like to set it. Put some hooks on it and hang it with wall screws. Be sure to use the right weight for wall anchors.

You can also paint it in a bold color or something that contrast your wall to create the effect of an accent wall.


Space-Smart Shelves

If you have a problem with space and storage, you might want to check out the small space behind the door in the area that the door doesn’t touch the wall. That couple of inches can be used to store items like laundry soap and other cleaning items.

Depending on the space between you can use pieces of 1×4 of wood to create the sides and tops of your shelves. Make sure to put rubber bumpers on the frames to protect your door and prevent ugly scratches.