Six Things to Consider Before Buying a Portable Hot Tub


A hot tub is more than just a giant bathtub for winding down or relaxing with friends; it can be beneficial to your health. Hydrotherapy reduces stress and improves blood circulation. When buying a portable hot tub, you want to make sure you’re getting value for your money.

Choosing the right one means sifting through many brands and models. This can get overwhelming fairly fast. The following tips can help simplify the selection process and ensure you get the tub that’s best for you.

1.    Budget

Many portable hot tubs come with a basic model as well as an option for extras. Depending on how much of these extras you go for, the costs can accumulate pretty quickly. Knowing what you want and how much you’re willing to spend will help you get a great deal while avoiding the allure of superfluous components.

Search for a portable hot tub on and elsewhere online. Determine the features you deem essential and those you can do without. Use this to determine a budget.

2.    Size

Perhaps you envision a compact portable hot tub that’s suitable for two people. Alternatively, you could be keen on a large model that can comfortably fit the whole family. Size is a major consideration.

A small tub may cost less but if you expect to regularly invite friends or you anticipate that your family will grow, you have to factor this in your purchase so you don’t need to return to the store in a few months. The reverse is also true; buying a large hot tub that’ll likely be never be used at its capacity would be an unnecessary expense.


3.    Type

Whereas portable hot tubs are mostly viewed as a tool for relaxation and fun, they can also be used for low-intensity exercise and physical rehabilitation. Many tubs come in a longer or wider format that is perfect for jogging in place and other physical therapy exercises.

Users can rely on water resistance to develop muscle strength. The jet pulsation also aids circulation and relieves muscle tension. Choose a portable hot tub type whose functionality satisfies your expectation.

4.    Comfort

If possible, don’t buy a portable hot tub before you test it. A tub that may seem comfortable when empty could feel different once it’s filled with water and you’re now buoyant. Try different positions and get a sense of how cozy it would be.

For example, would there be too much knee contact when you are sharing the tub with others? Is there sufficient room to spread your arms across the edge without invading the space of other persons in the tub? Water jets are great but even better is making sure their power, functionality, placement and jet adjustability is just right.

5.    Efficiency

Portable hot tubs that are excellent in function but too tedious to maintain can go unused. It takes work to keep a tub running but you’re more likely to succeed if you factor maintenance in your purchase decision. Familiarize yourself with the maintenance regime of different models and choose one that suits you.

Hot tubs depend on electricity and water. The process of identifying the most efficient pump for the tub will primarily be determined by the size of the tub. Warming and powering a six-seater will cost more than doing the same for a two-seater. Beyond that, energy-efficient design and easily replaceable parts can go a long way in saving time and money.

6.    Warranty

The upfront purchase cost is not something you can ignore when buying a portable hot tub. However, to determine the true price of the tub, you have to factor the long term maintenance expenses. Ask questions about warranties and find out what’s covered and what’s exempt. A good warranty is short, precise and easy to understand.

As an additional precaution, look up the product online and see what are the most common problems existing customers complain about. Confirm that these are covered by the warranty. Products with a robust warranty may cost significantly more than those without. Still, a warranty eliminates major repair and replacement costs you would otherwise incur out of your pocket.

A portable hot tub is an investment in your health and entertainment. There’s no perfect product; it all comes down to personal preferences for price and functionality. What’s important is taking time to make sure your eventual decision is one you’ll be content with for the long term.