Skin Care Tips Dermatologists Know


Taking good care of the skin is probably one of the toughest challenges faced by many from different corners of the globe. Different people choose different products in order to take good care of their skin. When it comes to skin care, different people have different solutions. Some suggest using a good quality cream, whereas, some suggest to try natural ways and to avoid any chemical creams. It is also seen that people from different corners of the globe have to treat their skins differently in order to enjoy healthy and glowing skin.

Tips from Dermatologists

Here are some tips from dermatologists that can help you a lot in taking good care of the skin. Most of the skin specialists implement these tips themselves to get great results.

  1. Use A Generous Amount Of Sunscreen: Most of the skin specialists fill up the hollow of their palm with sunscreen to ensure that they have safely and securely covered their face, ears, and neck before going out. Even if this means applying two coats of the lotion, it does not matter.
  2. A Little Bit Of Tanning Is Good: According to some dermatologists, getting slightly sun kissed will help to even out the skin tone and, as a result, will automatically take off years from your face. Thus, using a sunscreen lotion with a low level of sun tanner is a good solution.
  3. Breakfast That Saves Your Skin: Your breakfast proves to be rather vital when it comes to taking good care of your skin. If you include some almonds with your breakfast, it will help to reduce inflammation, which can easily accelerate sagging, blotchiness, and fine lines. Almonds contain essential fatty acids which serve the purpose. You may also have tuna, halibut, and salmon for lunch or dinner if almonds are not your cup of tea.
  4. Keep Your Skin Well Hydrated: There are some products in the market that contain water packed with vital minerals. If you can spray your skin with the product several times a day, it can help maintain the suppleness of the skin and also fight against the harmful UV rays.
  5. Use A Face Mask: Doctors are probably the most stressed out people in the world. It is needless to say that being subjected to regular stress can easily aggravate various skin conditions such as psoriasis. If you can spend 10 minutes a day by applying a good face mask, it will help you to relax and soothe your skin. Many dermatologists also switch off their mobile phones at night to save their skin from the continuous radiation of the mobile signals.
  6. Powder Sunscreen for Easy Touchup: Even a good quality sunscreen lotions stops working effectively after a time span of around 3 hours. Thus, reapplication is rather important. Applying the lotion may not be possible all the time. The best alternative is to use a sunscreen powder that can easily be applied whenever needed. These are usually light and serve the purpose quite efficiently.